The 12 Days of Christmas: Hair Care

Hair care is pretty important to me. I never used to care that much about my hair until a few years ago. I realised that you can do so much with your hair and that it can make such a difference to your look. So since then, I’ve gone through plenty of hairstyles – bobs, bangs, midi’s, super long hair, layers and even dabbled with some pink in my hair. I tend to get the most compliments when my hair is longer, because I think people find it difficult to grow their hair as long as I do. If you’re looking to grow your hair, you can check out my top tips post. But back to the 12 Days of Christmas. There’s lots of great tools and products out there that will make a huge difference to your hair. Click the photos to shop!

Hair Tools

Having good tools to use on your hair is so important. It can be the difference in a great hair day and a bad hair day! I am loving this T3 Whirl Trio curler below. The interchangeable barrels gives you maximum control over your style and the fact that it’s white and rose gold is even better! A good straightener makes all the difference. I’ve had my GHD for over 4 years now and it’s still going strong. A decent barrel brush makes all the difference when you are blow drying your hair, so it’s definitely worth investing in.

hair 4hair 7hair 8

Hair Products

I don’t like using a lot of products in my hair, but some products are definitely necessary! This Original Mineral shampoo is excellent for detoxing your hair when it needs a refresher. The Kiehl’s hair pack is also excellent for restoring your hair and making it look it’s absolute best. If you have dry hair, so many people swear by Moroccan Oil. It is one of those cult products that people can’t live without. If you often use heat on your hair, heat protection is essential. This spray from GHD is perfect for protecting your locks.

hair 2 hair 3  hair 5 hair 6

Hair Tricks

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair. You’re in a rush, woke up late, have a super busy day or you’re on the go. Whatever it may be, these products will make a huge difference. I only started putting colour in my hair recently. It’s only a little around my hair line, but I do notice it growing out now. That’s where the Colour WOW Cover Up comes in. It comes in several shades and is a lightweight powder to cover up your roots in between salon visits. Well worth investing in ladies! I’m a big Bumble & Bumble fan and their Pret-a-Powder is excellent for those days when you’re hair is looking a little sad. And for those days when you need a lift, their Thickening Spray is essential!

 hair 10hair 11hair

Do you have any essential hair products or tools? I’d love to hear about them! If you’re still looking for Christmas inspiration, check out my other 12 Days of Christmas posts – make up, watches, movies, bags, books, shoes, skin care and gadgets!



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