The 12 Days of Christmas: Jewellery

All year long I tend to wear the same jewellery – simple gold bracelets, gold rings, layered gold necklaces. However around Christmas, I like experimenting a little more. Sparkles, dramatic necklaces, bold earrings – nothing is off limits! Here are some of my favourite pieces available right now. Perfect for your Christmas events and nights out.


I think a statement necklace can completely change an outfit. It can make an average dress a wow dress, it can add a touch of glamour to an everyday outfit, and often, they’re reasonably priced. Below are some of my favourite show stopping necklaces.

jewel 2 jewel 3 jewel 4 jewel


I don’t usually wear earrings. I think they look weird on me. However I did wear a cuff earring last Friday to my work Christmas party and I loved it! I really should try to wear earrings more, seeing as I have 7 piercings in my ears! The two sets of J Crew earrings below are amazing!

jewel 9 jewel 11jewel 10  jewel 12


Bracelets are my favourite to wear. They’re so easy and many of them transfer really easily from daytime to night time. They make such a difference to outfits. Below are some awesome bracelets that will make your outfit pop this Christmas.

jewel 5 jewel 6 jewel 7 jewel 8


How incredible is the Oscar de la Renta multi coloured ring below?! It’s on sale by the way, and not as expensive as you would think! Midi rings are my favourite as I find it pretty difficult to find regular rings that would fit me. Add a show stopping ring to a plain black dress and it will go from average to amazing in no time!

jewel 13 jewel 14 jewel 15 jewel 16

I hope you guys are enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas posts! A lot of work goes into them and they’re a crazy undertaking considering how busy I am already – but I’m really enjoying doing them! If you’ve missed any of my other posts you should check them out – Make Up, Movies, Bags, Shoes, Skin Care, Hair Care, Books, Watches and Gadgets!



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