The 12 Days of Christmas: For The Home

I know I normally focus on fashion on this blog, but interiors is something that I have become increasingly interested in over the last few years. It’s amazing the difference a few key pieces can make in your home. I’m really obsessed with gold and copper at the moment. I’m working on my room and making the furnishings as white as possible, with some gold and copper accents. Everything below is on my wish list to make my space as homey and pretty as possible. As always, click the photos to shop!


You would think I have some sort of cup obsession looking at this! Being Irish, it’s important to have nice mugs for the numerous cups of tea and coffee that you inevitably drink while having the chats! These letter mugs from Anthropologie¬†are perfect! You also need to have the perfect glasses for cocktails and G&T’s, these copper and gold spotted beauties below do just the trick.

home 3home 8home 12

Soft Furnishings

I am a big fan of the throw cushion. Huge. You should take a look at my bed when it’s made. It’s a sea of throw cushions. Same goes for the couch. I also always need a soft snuggly blanket on hand for when I’m watching movies or taking a sneaky nap. I love this soft grey one below. Perfect for snuggling up with a glass of wine and a movie.

home 6home 10home 13

Arty Pieces

As my mom is an artist, I always find it important to pay attention to the smaller details and have some art pieces in the house. This doesn’t have to be high brown stuff, just things the compliment your home and taste. I love these lit up letters, my mom’s name actually begins with M and I have a feeling she would love this letter below!

home 5home 7

Finishing Touches

It is all about the finishing touches. Candles that make a room smelly dreamy, flowers for a splash of colour, ornaments and objects – it’s all in the little details. I find you can have so much fun with the little details. Take the mini zoo of gold animals below. They’re so cute and fun and a welcome addition to any shelf or coffee table!

home 2home 9home 11home 14home 4

We are nearly at the end of my 12 Days of Christmas – only one post to go! I hope you’ve been enjoying the posts so far. Check out the others in case you missed any – Make Up, Hair Care, Skin Care, Books, Movies, Jewellery, Gadgets & Tech, Shoes, Bags and Watches!



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  1. Great list – I love those Anthropologie mugs!


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