I’ve had an issue lately that my hair has been annoying me. It got too long, too shapeless, I felt like it was always in my way and bothering me. Time for the chop!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 23.22.04

I love my new hair! It literally is no fuss. I wash it, leave it dry naturally, no styling required. No heated curlers or straighteners. Simple and easy. I was inspired after stumbling across Chloe Zara on Instagram. Instant hair envy! I showed some of her Instagrams to my aunt, who cuts my hair, and we went for it. I have a little more chop in the front to soften it, and I don’t have the incredible colour hair that Chloe has, but overall it’s a pretty similar look.

I think, for someone as short as me (5 foot, 2 and a half inches if you must know. And yes, that half inch is important!), when my hair gets too long, as in hitting the end of my rib cage long, it looks disproportionate to the rest of my body. It’s all about finding the right style for your face, and what suits your lifestyle. My long hair had got to the point where I was always having to curl it, because it looked awful straight. Not ideal for a girl working crazy hours in work!

For some inspiration, check out the midi post that I did a while back. Lots of ideas there for a shorter, more manageable style.

5762_Ashley-Olsen 76e40a632e69b914386d14cc3fe145d9 484de80d643a6095ae72cbee62b48892

If you’re toying with the idea of trying a new style, I recommend talking to a stylist, and going to them with images of styles you like. They will be able to tell you if a certain cut will suit your face. Happy hairstyling!




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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous!


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