Catch Up 8.0

I’m at my happiest around food. You give this girl an Oreo cookie and you’ve got yourself a new best pal. Lately I’ve been thinking of adding some recipe posts to the blog. I’ve always been a big fan of baking, if the recipe calls for chocolate, I’ll make it. Up until now, Okaybee has been all about fashion, beauty, hair, trends and travel. I don’t know if  Nutella cookies work with that mix, but we may find out soon. 

Ramble aside, I recently went to a food festival, which may have spurred on the foodie thoughts. It was called The Big Grill Festival and was so much fun. Lots of food, a few drinks… then some more food and drinks, all in the company of lovely people, plus music. What’s not to love?! I kept it very casual that day as the thought of standing in a field in heeled boots was not appealing to me.  My look is super simple, all black and a jacket that I nabbed from my sister. Me and my girl Aisling drinking whiskey. Now I’m not a whiskey girl at all, but I think I may be converted now! Whiskey, ginger and lime – who has been hiding how good this is from me?? However, several whiskeys and a bottle of red wine aren’t a good mix. There’s a top tip for you.

 After months of gravitating towards nude and pale pink lipsticks, I’m getting back into my bolder shades. I wore Lady Danger and instantly remembered how much I love red lipstick. Even when you’re wearing the most simple, plain outfit, it can make you look so much more put together.  Lady Danger literally looks amazing on everyone. I’ll be doing a post on my favourite lipsticks soon.

Last week I had a few days off work, so my family and I headed on what turned out to be a super long drive with occasional stops in different places in Ireland. First, we stopped in Monaghan to see my aunt and uncle and spend the night. The next morning, we travelled to the Giant’s Causeway in Antrim. Afterwards we drove to Sligo to spend the night, then home. So in two days we did a stupid amount of miles in the car. But we got to spend time together and see parts of Ireland we either hadn’t seen, or hadn’t been to in ages. I’d like to take a moment to thank Spotify for keeping us sane!


Next on my list of places to visit in Ireland is definitely the Cliffs of Moher. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t been yet!  It will have to wait for a while though. The next two months are insanely busy for me! I’ll try not to fall behind on posting!


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