Underneath Your Clothes

The New Year is always a time when I think about a wardrobe refresh. I don’t like waiting until spring to do a spring cleaning because I find after Christmas and the parties, dinners, family events, outings, trips etc, that my wardrobe is a hot mess and I can’t find a thing. Intervention is badly needed. Apart from physically refreshing my wardrobe, I also start thinking about the new pieces that I need, and often this begins with underwear.

I know it sounds so weird to talk about underwear, but I don’t think enough thought is given to what is essentially the base of all our outfits. Unless you’re one of those people that goes commando, in which case let your freak flag fly. I am firmly in the triangle bra-no wire-no padding-no nada camp. Yeah it’s a thing. I don’t feel comfortable in wired bras or ones that push me up, but that’s just me personally. It’s unfortunate because I find that so many padded bras that are so damn pretty but I just can’t bring myself to buy them. Anyway, I’m a total lingerie addict (I have a board dedicated to it on Pinterest), and below are some of my absolute favourites right now.

bras 6bras 7

I’ve always bought a lot of Topshop underwear because the do the whole triangle bra thing very well. I also love that I can get a matching set for a fairly reasonable price. There are matching bottoms to all of these bras but my main focus is usually the bra. For Love and Lemons, below, is one of those brands that I can’t get enough of. I have print outs of their lookbooks in my room, I check the site constantly and pretty much stalk the brand on Instagram. It’s true love you guys. Their underwear strikes that balance of sexy, fashionable and very wearable all at once.

bras 10 bras 9 bras 8

Urban Outfitters underwear game is strong. I bought two bras there in September, the very first one below, in black and burgundy and I love it. Super comfortable and easy to wear and looks great under a tee. It’s the kind of bra that you don’t mind if anyone sees it accidentally. Lots of cross overs and straps below I’ve just realised but I do love that in bras, it makes the functional a feature.

  brasbras 5 bras 4 bras 3 bras 2

If you’ve got a little more to spend and you want to go all out, then you need to look on Net-A-Porter. I could spend all day looking at the lingerie on that site. So many dreamy things.

bras 14 bras 13 bras 12 bras 11

And now you’re all filled in on my underwear obsession!



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