Black Tie Ball

Me and my friends are not the type to shy away from the opportunity to go to a ball. It wouldn’t be like us at all! So when the chance came to go to the Q Ball, which was fundraising for an incredible cause, Spinal Injuries Ireland, we knew we were going to attend. It was booked months in advance, and despite the curve ball of getting a Rugby World Cup ticket for the next day in London, I knew I wasn’t going to miss the ball.

I got my make up done in MAC in BT2 Dundrum. Having worked there for nearly a year, I know the girls in there really well and know how talented they are. I was delighted that Stephanie was doing my make up and we were on the same wavelength pretty quickly. Below are some of the products I bought; Raizen, it’s a blush but we actually used it on my eyes, Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation, which I’ve been dying to get my hands on, and Cherish, a gorgeous brownish nude.MAC Cosmetics

Here is the finished product. I was really happy with how it turned out. My eyes looked really blue and Stephanie managed to tone down the rosacea in my skin without making it feel heavy with make up. Since I bought Cherish, I’ve literally worn it every day! So easy to wear.My make up look

My dress is from Zara. I saw it ages ago and wanted to buy it, not for the ball, but to wear casually. Trust me, it will work for day time. Before I could get it, it sold out everywhere. Literally. I could not get my hands on it at all. Luckily, my dress angel Jenny spotted it and snapped it up for me! How lucky was that?! It’s a bit Morticia Addams, which I like, and I felt so comfortable all night. The belt broke up the all black look a little and I also had a pair of kick ass earrings on, not that I was wise enough to get a picture of them of course.My outfit

The night was a huge success, and great fun. Afterwards we headed to the after party where there was food every where. And by food, I mean crisps and sweets, exactly what I crave when I’ve had a few drinks. At 5.30am, I jumped in a taxi and headed to my after after party, Terminal 2 at Dublin airport. For all of you who didn’t see my last post, here’s the story. I got a ticket to the Rugby World Cup and the match was the day after the ball. Not one to miss an opportunity, I booked flights.

I figured I wouldn’t get home until very late from the ball afterparty so it made more sense to go straight to the airport. So at 7am, I was on a flight to London, still in my full length dress, flats and a leather jacket. Yes, there was weird looks. I remembered that in Gatwick airport there’s a mini hotel called Yotel. It was a life saver. I landed, headed to Yotel. Had two hours sleep and a shower and headed to brunch in a gorgeous Greek restaurant to celebrate my cousin’s wife’s birthday with lots of family. Still with me? Black tie ball

So yeah, crazy weekend, but brilliant all the same! Sometimes we have to do these odd things, no matter how many odd looks we may get!




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