London Overload

So I suck. A whole month since my last blog post! In my defence, I have been insanely busy and literally haven’t had a moment to just relax. So I’m writing this while sending work emails, organising my outfit for this weekend (not that I’ll end up wearing it, in true Katie fashion), organising my room and having a shower. Standard really. So why all the craziness? Well in the space of a week I was in London on two separate occasions. The first weekend was a lovely girls weekend and the second weekend was a crazy family weekend. Both amazing, both exhausting, still recovering from both!

Weekend One

To be fair, this was more of a long weekend as I flew over on the Thursday night. It meant I could have a chilled night in catching up with Becky, and then have a full day in London on Friday. Friday morning started with an insanely good breakfast at Egg Break in Nottinghill with my lovely friend Emma. So much avocado. Crazy amounts. We then wandered into the city for coffees and a walk around the National Gallery. My mom’s an artist so I always try to make an effort to get a bit of culture in when I go away. Plus I found a book called Katie in London, which judging by how many times I’ve been in London this year, it’s practically about me!

Egg Break Notting HillMonet National Gallery Katie in London

Afterwards I met with my lovely friend Rebecca, from the Peppermint Dolly at for afternoon tea. Let me tell you, if you haven’t gone to Sketch for afternoon tea in London, then you haven’t lived. Imagine what it would be like to eat inside a giant pink marshmallow, and you have Sketch. And if you’ve ever wanted to go to the bathroom in a giant egg, now is your chance. The food is amazing, the tea is yum, and the venue is incredible. Book. It. Now.

Sketch LondonSketch LondonAfternoon tea at SketchAfternoon tea at SketchArtwork at SketchOutfit in Sketch

After Sketch, I was honestly so full from all the food that I had to go back to Becky’s and lie down. No joke. There was napping involved. Once I woke from my food coma, Becky and I went to a bar for a few drinks, to watch some rugby and wait for our other two friends, Aisling and Jenny, to land from Dublin. We all headed to a small bar in Balham to catch up. The next morning was the first Ireland match of the Rugby World Cup. We all headed out in a big group and it was so much fun! You really can’t beat food, drinks and catching up with friends… and winning in the rugby of course.

 London at dusk Strolling around London

That night we headed out to The Botanist and then to Raffles. How gorgeous are my girls?! Crush central. Unfortunately champagne goes straight to my head and then I crash so I was that granny at 2am who could barely keep her eyes open… not cool. If this is old age then I don’t like it one bit and it can just stop thanks.

Champagne at Raffles Saturday night outfitMy girls in London

The next morning we got the early flight back to Dublin. But it wasn’t long until I was back in London. Only a few days in fact!

Weekend Two

Now the second weekend is a bit of a long story. I was at all ball (post to come) on the Saturday night, which had been planned for ages. About two weeks before I was offered a ticket to the Rugby World Cup to see Ireland vs. Romania. Which was on the Sunday in London. I couldn’t resist. Flights booked and I decided to figure out the logistics later. I’ll go into it in the next post but long story short – ball, after party, 5.30am taxi to airport, sauntered around in my ball gown in the terminal, drunk on wine, flight to London, 2 hour nap in the airport, straight to brunch with family, rugby match….

All worth it!

It was a record breaking match, with the highest attendance ever recorded at a rugby match. Look at that crowd! In case I haven’t mentioned this, I am a huge rugby fan, so getting to be at such a brilliant match was a dream. Definitely worth the sleep deprivation! Afterwards we went for a few drinks to celebrate. I was very proud of myself that I lasted until midnight, considering how little sleep I had.

Wembley LondonWembley London

The next day I headed into Covent Garden. I had hoped to see the light installation, but I think it had been taken down the day before, so disappointing! Naturally, I had to console myself with some Godiva strawberries. Laduree was seriously tempting too! I had a wander around the shops, strolled in the sunshine, and generally enjoyed just getting to wander around. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed coming home. So what was supposed to be the beginning of my detox, quickly spiralled into several large glasses of wine in the airport waiting for my gate to finally (two and a half hours later) be called. It’s cheaper than shopping I guess!Godiva chocolate covered strawberriesIMG_5959Delayed flightLondon Bar

So, after four trips to London this year, one in March, one in May and these two, I think I can officially say that I need to travel other places. That is unless, anyone has tickets to any Ireland matches that they want to give me!

I promise I’ll get back to a regular blogging schedule soon. I have a few posts that are nearly ready so hopefully it won’t be too long until the next one!



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