Pack It Up

I don’t know about you, but the worst part about going on holidays for me is having to pack. Why, oh why is it so damn stressful?! I am that person that’s still taking things out of my suitcase and replacing them with other things while my suitcase is by the front door and people are nervously looking at their watches. Yeah, that person.

Over the last two years I have got better though. I would have wanted to considering how much I have travelled! Vegas, London (twice), Miami, Frankfurt, Puerto Banus, Chicago and Barcelona to name a few. And yes, I am heading to London again next week. I’ve decided to share a few of my packing tips that I have gathered along the way. I’m no pro, but hopefully these tips will make your life easier. Also, these tips are for a short trip as I feel they are trickier to pack for – damn hand luggage restrictions! To shop any of the clothes or products, just click the photos!


 Do not be that person decanting your precious shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc into those travel bottles. It’s really not worth it. Instead, save yourself the hassle and buy travel versions of everything you need. Boots has a huge selection of miniatures for you to choose from. Shampoo, toothpaste, suncream, cleanser, moisturiser, they’re all available and they’re reasonable prices.

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If you’re going on a city break with a lot of walking, a good pair of shoes cannot be under-estimated. Luckily, sneakers are a huge trend right now which means you can be comfortable and on trend at the same time. For warmer climates, I find Birkenstocks really comfortable as they support your foot when you’re walking.

For dinners, bars, and everything in between, a good pair of boots will work wonders. A heeled pair will bring you from day to night easily. For more casual looks, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots. A classic that works every time. If you know you’ll be going out on the town a pair of heels would be perfect. I try to only bring two pairs with me. So either Birks and heels, or sneakers and a boot, either heeled or flat.

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Ok so this part is the tricky bit. I find you cannot underestimate the importance of planning your outfits. A little planning goes a long way. I find that one or two pairs of jeans and a skirt or versatile dress will normally do me for the weekend. In terms of tops, bring a few simple tees, a sweater and a jacket that will work with everything. I know this all seems a bit plain, but jewellery and make up make a big difference.  All the other things like underwear and sleepwear should be packed and try to stuff your shoes with them.

Another trick that most of you know, is to wear your heaviest things on the plane. I also always wear a hat on the plane for two reasons – it doesn’t get crushed and misshapen in my bag, and it doesn’t take up precious room.

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A top tip I’ve discovered is packing your jewellery in a pill case, you know one of those ones you get which divides out your medication for the week? It’s a great way to keep your necklaces and bracelets untangled, as well as keeping your rings together.

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Make Up

I have been that girl that’s guilty of bringing 11 lipsticks away with me for a weekend. Seriously. It happens more often than I care to admit. Try to limit your make up to what you’ll really wear and use. Try to pack a bold coloured lipstick as it will really add some punch to our outfit. Also remember that travelling on planes is super drying on your skin, so a tinted moisturiser or moisturising foundation will work wonders.

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Hand Luggage

Most, if not all airlines, allow you to bring a carry on bag, and a handbag. Make use of this! All of the above should be in your carry on bag. In addition pack all the extras in a tote bag. Things like phone charger, hair brush, passport, wallet, tickets, any medication etc and, a smaller handbag. Normally I put a cross body small bag into my tote. This way I’m not confined to the tote bag for the whole weekend and I’m not taking up essential carry on space.

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I hope that’s made your life a little easier! If you have any other travel packing tips, please leave them in the comments. I always love to try new travel tips!



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