Galway Races, 2016

Another year, another trip to the Galway Races.

This is the first year that I’ve actually been pretty prepared for the races. The last two years, I’ve been scrambling to organise my outfits. In 2014, my dress never arrived so I had to grab a back up dress last minute. Last year for the races, I had a wedding outfit related emergency which meant I was in Dundrum at 9pm the night before the races, spending a silly amount of money on a skirt. A beautiful skirt, but still!


Dress: Maurie & Eve  |  Heels: Zara (similar)  |  Bracelet: Monica Vinader

This year I swore I wouldn’t do the same, and for once, I followed my own advice! I’ve had my eye on this dress by Maurie & Eve forever. They’re one of my favourite Australian brands and once I saw this dress, I knew it would be perfect for the races. It was so comfortable to wear all day and despite being terrified that someone was going to spill a drink all over it, someone being me, it stayed pristine all night. A races miracle? I think so.

I mean, I was asking for trouble drinking that espresso martini while in my white dress, but it was so damn good! After our first day at the races, we went to Tribeton for dinner. If you’re in Galway, go here for some food and drinks. Trust me. Amazing venue, great food, lovely drinks and really lovely staff. We went back to our hotel, the Radisson Blu, to continue the night. If you’re going to go to the races, then my top tip is to go to the Radisson at night. They do the races so well! Outdoor tents, bands in the ballroom, champagne areas, cocktail bars, they have everything.

Last year, I mentioned that I wanted to wear a suit this year. I’ve mentioned this before, but I suffer for Olsen Obsession. Years ago, I saw a picture of Mary Kate and Ashley in suits. Mary Kate was in a black satin suit and Ashley was in a baby pink suit. The second I saw that photo, I became obsessed with getting a pink suit. Totally impractical? Yes. Would I wear it to work? Probably not. Was I still going to buy it….?


Blazer: Topshop (similar)  |  Trousers: Topshop (similar)  |  Cami: Topshop  |  Choker: Asos

Hell yes! Topshop came through for me this year. A pink suit, life is almost complete. I say almost because I also need this blue suit that Mary Kate wore too. I did say I was obsessed! I love this suit and felt so comfortable wearing it. The problem with wearing the suit was trying to prevent it from looking like workwear. Which was really tricky. All lighter coloured tops just made it look like I was off to the office for the day.

After trying on I think every top I own, my mom suggested trying a dark top as the buttons on the suit were dark. As always, mothers know best. The black choker also helped to take the “workwear” look out of the outfit. I don’t see myself wearing this full suit to work anytime soon, but I will wear these pieces separately. Get yourselves a pink suit, you won’t be disappointed!


Dress: Zara (similar)  |  Bracelet: Monica Vinader  |  Choker: Asos

I did change my outfit that night as I felt that a suit was too stuffy for the night. This dress was perfect for the last night of the races, loose, comfortable, and pretty. I didn’t have to change my hair, make up, or accessories, which made life a lot easier! A few touch ups and we were ready for our last night.

I realise I’ve got through this entire post without mentioning the actual races! There’s always a good atmosphere at the race track. My favourite part is really just walking around and taking in the atmosphere, I’m not much of a gambling person. It’s always a good opportunity to take advantage of the long weekend and catch up with people. It’s also rare that I get a chance to dress up, so I’ll take all the opportunities I can get!

Any questions about the races, Galway, or my outfits, just let me know!



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