Burano, 2017

Burano is worthy of its own post.

While I have a bigger Venice post (and video) coming your way shortly, I really wanted to share Burano with you guys. Picture multicoloured houses, little wooden bridges, narrow streets, and of course canals, and you’re on you’re way to understanding what Burano looks like, but in reality, photos don’t even do it justice.


Huge thank you to the lovely Emma Synnott for taking such amazing photos of our whole trip! Emma and I are friends from work that decided to go on this random little trip together, and I’m so glad we did. Not only is Emma clearly a very talented photographer, she’s also basically my twin! Such a fun trip with her, definitely check her out on Instagram.

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Back to Burano! It’s one of the islands near Venice. There is a tour that you can do which will bring you to Moreno, Torcello and Burano, but after looking it up online, we decided to just do the Burano island as we were only in Venice for a few days.


First thing you should know is that it takes 1.5 hours to get to Burano. Not because it is far away, but because you stop a million times along the way. The boat is essentially like a bus/tram/subway in any other city, it will stop many times before you get to your destination. The best thing to do is just enjoy the view. Make sure you factor that timing into your day. All told you’ll spend about three hours travelling, some time waiting for the boats, and then there’s the time you spend in Burano.


You can see Burano as you approach, it’s hard to miss with all it’s multi-coloured houses! The island itself is small, you can walk from the pier to the centre in three minutes flat. Our first stop was to get some food as we were so hungry. One of the best places to eat in Burano is called Trattoria al Gatto Nero. Unfortunately it’s closed on Mondays, which was of course the day we went to Burano. That’s one thing you need to keep in mind about Venice and it’s surrounding islands. Many places are closed on Sundays or Mondays, so try to keep track of what is and isn’t open.

We ended up eating in Al Raspo de Ua, a simple little restaurant where we grabbed some pizza and pasta, and were able to be back exploring in 30 minutes.


There are so many little streets to explore in Burano, despite it’s small size. It was really nice to just spend some time wandering around, looking at all the colourful houses, and just enjoying the little town. If we had more time in Venice we would have spent more time in Burano, but it was our last full day so we wanted to get back to the main part of Venice.

This town isn’t a secret, you’ll realise that pretty quickly when you see the selfie sticks come out! If you’re going to be in Venice for a few days, then a trip to Burano is worth it I believe. Half a day in Burano and then back to Venice for dinner and a few drinks is a perfect day in my eyes.


Have any of you been to Burano? I’d love to know what you thought of it or if you’re planning on going! I’ll have my full Venice post up soon, and hopefully, a video to go along with it. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to see all my latest videos!



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  1. I’ve been to Venice but not Burano, and now I want to go back having seen these photos; Burano looks so cute.


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