June Vibes

June 1st, and the weather is… meh.

We had some lovely weather and sunshine recently but it looks like the first week of June is going to be nothing but rain. Ugh. Anyway, I have lots planned this month, so read on to see what I’m up to this June.


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.24.50

Tonight I am heading to see Wonder Woman! I’m so excited to finally see this movie. It’s been getting brilliant reviews online and just watching the trailer has me even more excited to see it.


House of Cards season five came out on May 30th on Netflix. I haven’t started watching it yet as I feel I need to be able to dedicate some solid binging time to it. The ending of last season was so intense!

I feel I’m a few weeks late to The Keepers. My sister has been going on about this docuseries on Netflix for a few weeks now, and getting enraged every time she mentions it. I think this is another one that needs some serious binge time. I think binging is the only way I watch anything now!



I’m on quite a beauty/make up buzz at the moment. I’m finding myself looking at lots of different skincare, and trying to improve my regime. Which wouldn’t be hard as it’s currently nothing! I’ve bought and received a few products recently so I will try them out and let you know.


One product I am loving at the moment is Bio Oil. I’m using it lots on my scar from my recent surgery (in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my Sölden post). It’s also great for massaging my leg to help with soreness and swelling.

HM Blue Cotton Dress  |  River Island Green Tie Dress  |  Topshop Tie Front Pink Dress

I have done a lot of clothes shopping lately and keep finding myself gravitating towards long, flowing dresses. Could this have something to do with my leg brace I want to cover… definitely! But, there’s also something so lovely about throwing on a dress, slipping into sandals and being ready for the day. Who doesn’t want that kind of ease in their life!

Topshop Bad Habits Top  |  Topshop Lover Top

Something else I’m gravitating towards lately, tops with cute slogans or words on them. I bought both these tops in Topshop recently. How cute are they?!



Taste of Dublin is on this month and for some baffling reason, I have never been. I’m changing that this year however and will be at Taste on the Saturday night. I’m so excited to see the stands, taste all the food possible and just have a chilled night out.


I’m trying to get back into baking more too. You may have seen on my Instagram Stories some of my baking escapades recently. Banoffii Pie and Brownies being big favourites here. I’m thinking of starting a food segment to this site, what do you guys think?



Friends! This month is all about catch ups. Some friends I haven’t seen in months, either through long distance, work, or just impossible schedules. These next ten days are full of meeting up with friends and catching up. I’m trying out some restaurants and bars I haven’t been to as well, so I’m looking forward to that.

Also high on my list, is spending as much time as possible with my cousins new baby girl! As I write this she is five days old and completely adorable. She was actually born on my birthday so we’ll forever be birthday buddies!



I am taking a whole week off next week from work. I haven’t taken a week of work in a year. Mostly when I organise trips, they’re worked into long weekends or they are a quick city break. Last November when I was in Chicago and LA, the holiday portion – Chicago – was actually only five days. But what an incredible five days they were! Once I was in LA, I was officially back in work as I was there for a conference. The last time I was off for a week was last June when me and my friends went to Spain.

Unfortunately I don’t have any plans for next week. A combination of taking it off last minute, not having a holiday buddy, and needing physio mid week meant that a trip was just too tricky. The fact I’m still in a leg brace and on crutches doesn’t help either as I’m very slow to get around and get tired easily.



Despite not having any trips planned still, which is the longest I’ve gone without having a trip booked in a year and a half, I am in planning mode. I have a few ideas of what I may do later this year. It’s early days and there’s lots to plan and organise before any booking can happen… but I’m excited at the prospects!

I am also planning lots more posts for this site. This year I’ve been way more consistent, posting every second Sunday all year, apart from the Sunday just gone, but I give myself a pass on that as it was my birthday weekend. This is very good for the person who used to go three months without posting sometimes!


I’m also working on lots more YouTube content. I still find YouTube a little daunting, but I also really enjoy the process once I get my head into it. If you haven’t checked out any of my videos yet, or subscribed, please take a look and let me know what you think!

I’d love to hear what you are planning for June, I always love getting inspiration!


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