Spain, 2016

I’ve found since getting my GoPro and filming my trips, that when I get home it goes one of two ways.

Either I manage to make the video for that trip in a day, or I agonise over it for weeks. My Spanish video is one that I agonised over for sure! Sometimes I have such a clear idea of what I want the video to look like, and when it doesn’t turn out that way straight off, it really bothers me! Annoyingly, the video isn’t available on some devices due to copyright, still getting the hang of this YouTube thing and all the legal stuff around it!

Anyway, I eventually finished the video, which I hope you all like! Spain was a trip with my girls that we had been planning for months. It’s so hard to get the time to go away together, so it’s a miracle we managed to get most of us to Spain! We were staying in our friends home in Marbella. It was the perfect location as we had a pool, or could head to the beach for the day.

Despite working out and trying to eat as clean as I could this year, I still didn’t feel fully comfortable in a bikini. At this stage I’m not sure I ever will feel fully comfortable in a bikini! I ended up panic buying a one piece for Ocean Club pool party, Zara to the rescue as usual!

I’ve got to say, my mom has got the summer shopping style down. She was the one who got me the fab ‘Dear Summer’ hat for my birthday. That hat got a lot of wear this trip! I bought a few bikinis in H&M this year too, they never fail to have great swimwear at really good prices every year.

It was so nice to chill out every day, drink some wine, have the chats with my girls, and then go wild at night. Not going to lie, I was a total old lady and did a lot of napping! That’s the whole point of holidays right?! The weather was amazing, blue skies all the way.

I’m disappointed that I don’t have anymore sun holidays planned for this year. There’s something so relaxing about chilling out in the sun, feeling the heat on your skin, and flaking at the beach. However if I get the chance to squeeze in another bit of sunshine, you can bet I’ll do that!

You can see lots more of my recent trips including Portugal, London and others on my Snapchat, or Instagram.

I hope you enjoy the video. As always I’d love to hear your comments or feedback!



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