How to not be ‘That Person’ at the airport

If you don’t recognise the person I describe in this post, then chances are that person is you…. Just saying.

We’ve all in there. You’re in the airport, excited for the trip you’ve been planning forever. Or maybe you’re going on a work trip and you’re trying to juggle emails, checking in and finding your gate. You get to security, all ready to go, and the people ahead of you have coats on, layered necklaces, coins in their pockets, belts, lace up boots, their iPad is at the bottom of their case, and they’re also carrying a full 2 litre bottle of water along with all their regular sized perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, suncreams and lotions…


Why do people do this?! The airport rules have been this way for years! Literally, the rule for 100ml liquids came into effect in 2006. It’s 2018 people. Let’s look alive!

Check out the list below to ensure you’re not “That Person” in the airport, and make everyones life, including your own, better.


1. Carrying liquids over 100ml in your carry on luggage. You get one plastic bag to put all your liquids into. All these liquids, gels and pastes need to be under 100ml. If not, they will be binned or you will have to pay an extortionate fee to get them shipped to your address. Options on how to not be “That Person” below:

Before you go: Buy a set of reusable bottles that you can decant your favourite products into. Make sure your perfume is under 100ml, maybe get some samples from your local beauty counter. Buy miniatures. There’s always loads in places like Boots. Leave the aerosols at home, they’re not allowed.

In the airport: Save yourself the hassle and either check your bag at the check in desk so that you can keep all your precious over 100ml liquids. Buy either when you get to Duty Free, or when you reach your destination.

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2. Having laptop in the bottom of your bag. If you have a tablet or laptop of any kind, you will be asked to take this out of your bag at security. Do yourself a favour and make sure it’s easily accessible in your bag, not in a case or cover, and not tangled in a load of wires.

Before you go: Pack your bag sensibly. Have your laptop or tablet in a part of your bag that you can easily access it.

At the airport: Have your laptop or tablet ready to go. This goes for all things in the security line, if there’s something you can organise while waiting your turn, do it. Take off your jewellery, remove your belt, get your liquids ready, have your laptop out. It speeds up the process for everyone.


3. Waiting until you’re at security to take of jewellery, belts, coats… Like I said above, if there is something you can organise while you’re waiting in line, then organise it. Make sure you’re keeping track of where you put your jewellery too.

Before you go: Don’t put on crazy jewellery when you’re going to the airport. This really is the most simple way around the whole thing. It’s easier to have them in your handbag, and put them on after security. So ditch wearing your favourite pieces for the start of the journey. Also, try to wear simple shoes, one you can easily slip on and off. Leave the lace up boots at home and make your life, and everyone else’s that bit easier.

At the airport: If you’ve got to the airport and you have jewellery, belts etc on, try to remove them in the security queue so that you’re prepped when you get to the desk. Be careful that you put everything in a safe place! I have a friend who nearly lost a very sentimental ring because she couldn’t remember that she had put it in the tray. Try to put all jewellery in a certain pocket of a bag, or somewhere you’ll easily find everything afterwards.


4. Leaving empty trays at security. I honestly don’t get why people do this. Not only do these empty trays block all other baggage coming down the belt, but they also mean that the security line in general, moves much slower. It’s also rude. The security people aren’t there to make sure that the trays are put away, there there for security. The clue is in the name! Security! When your bag comes down the belt, please, for the love of god, pick it up, move out of the way, arrange yourself and your belongings, and put the tray back. Common curtesy.


5. Walking in the middle of a corridor. Airports can be stressful. There’s the queuing, the noise, the confusion of where to go, the constant announcements. Don’t make it more stressful by walking in the middle of a corridor like you’re out for a Sunday stroll in the park and then suddenly stopping with your case causing someone to inevitably trip over it.  People may be running to catch a flight, trying to wrangle kids, or exhausted from travelling. Don’t make it worse by taking up the whole corridor! Be mindful that there’s thousands of other people trying to catch their flight, staff that have to run around, and lots of things happening. Also, don’t block a travelator, or stand in the middle of one, unmoving. The whole point of them is to help people get from a to b quicker.


6. Joining the queue at your gate unnecessarily early. You have your seat number. Why are you doing this?! You know they will call out the seats in tranches. You know you won’t be allowed to board until your tranche is called. You know your assigned seat isn’t going anywhere… I don’t get it. Do everyone a favour, chill out in your seat at the gate until your tranche or row number is called. Those queues can cause havoc by blocking corridors (see above), and they’re totally unnecessary.


7. Baggage Claim enthusiasts. I get it. You’re off your lang haul flight. All you want is a shower, your bed, and maybe a cheese toastie. The last thing you want to do is spend more time with the strangers you just travelled with, waiting for your bags. But listen, there is no reason to crowd around the area where the bags fall out like they’re giving out prizes or something. Spread around people! Don’t stand right at the carousel waiting, but also blocking the way for the person who has found their bag and is now struggling to retrieve it between someones legs because they won’t move! Step aside, or even better, help them out!

Well. This was cathartic for me. I feel much better now. Or do I feel more agitated? I can’t decide. Moral of the story, don’t be an asshole. You get nowhere fast doing the above things in an airport.

Let me know if you have any other pet peeves that people do in the airport, I’m dying to know!


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