I Don’t Like Goodbyes

Saturday night was a night I had been dreading for a while. It was the night I was going to have to say goodbye to one of my best friends. I have known Laura since I was about 9. We did ballet classes together for years, went to school together, helped each other through the bad times and celebrated the good times with lots of drinks and dancing. Now Laura is moving to Australia. I knew on the night there would be speeches, tears and lots of hugging and goodbyes. Surprisingly for me because I am such a cry baby usually, I kept my composure and didn’t cry. I realised that as much as I am going to miss Laura, she’s going to have the most amazing adventure. In fact, I think I’m a little jealous!


I decided to wear the clothes I ordered from Asos that actually arrived two weeks ago but I hadn’t got around to wearing yet. The skirt is a really cute leather skirt with paneling details that you can’t see at all in the photo. You’ll just have to trust me that they’re there! The top is a simple white crop top. I loved this one because a lot of crop tops have high necks which don’t really suit me, whereas this on has a scooped neck which is a little more flattering on me. The heels are my lovely reliable Zara ones. I really wish I had got them in every colour now. They were such great value, something like €39.95. Which is nothing really considering how lovely they are. The jewellery was kept pretty low key. Just a couple of midi rings, my favourite, and a bracelet.


So despite the fact that I was dreading the night and just didn’t want to say goodbye at all, the night wasn’t bad at all. I got to catch up and spend time with her and other people I hadn’t seen in a while. Any sadness I feel because Laura is leaving, is pushed to the side in place of excitement for her and all she is going to see and do. Laura is an amazing person and one of the loveliest people you could have in your life. So this is for you bubba; safe flight, safe trip and cherish every moment.




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  1. Hope Laura has an incredible time! Miss you both xx


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