It’s Pretty Basic

I can barely keep my eyes open today. Excuse the puffiness of my face and eyes in these photos. It was 7 am when I took them which is not a natural hour for me to be awake. I kept today’s outfit really simple and comfortable. Lots of layers are essential as its pretty gross out, although not as gross as it is for my American readers! Seriously, the photos I’m seeing of snowpocalypse are insane! Be careful everybody.


Today I have my trusty black J Brands with my Topshop boots, both of which I live in. But true to my Style Resolutions, I’m not wearing what I normally would have, which is basically all black. Instead I have on my grey Cos tee and a light denim shirt and my lovely new beige Topshop hat. In terms of basic tees, you really can’t go wrong with Cos. Lightweight, lovely cotton, slouchy and they come in a load of colours. I advise stocking up, I wear them all year round.

20140107-094814.jpg  20140107-094820.jpg

My make up today was simple as I couldn’t deal with complicated blending brushes at 6.30. A slick of black winged eyeliner and Mac lipstick Snob with my foundation and I was ready to go. Well almost ready. With weather like this I couldn’t go anywhere without my big coat and even bigger scarf.

Keep nice and wrapped up in this crazy weather everyone!

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