LFW: The Best Bits AW14/15

London was a whirlwind! I could barely keep up with the constant steam of photos. Milan is now in full swing so its high time I shared my review of the trends to watch from London. As always, there were some similarities to New York, but everything was done in typical London manner, with a certain flair.

1. Blue Too

Oh yes, blue featured heavily in London too. Cobalt is going to be everywhere come September – I can’t wait! London also embraced the icier blue tones which looked fantastic against greys and navys. Topshop Uniquie really nailed it for me with their mix of blues and textures. Lots to look forward to.

00120h_304x456 (1) 00300h_304x456 00350h_304x456_1 00070h_304x456 _ARC0343_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0065_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0035_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0027_450x675Alt_304x456 Topshop Unique 00090h_304x456 (2) 00260h_304x456 00240h_304x456 00210h_304x456 (1) 00130h_304x456 kfenhr Richard Nicoll 00200h_304x456

2. Rich Reds

In a complete 180 from blues, red and orange made an appearance at LFW. These warmer tones will make great transitional pieces from summer to winter, especially that fantastic orange seen on the coats at the Preen show. Such a show stopping colour!

00340h_304x456 (2) 00270h_304x456 (1) 00060h_304x456 (3) 00490h_304x456 00180h_304x456 00140h_304x456 31_426x63900200h_304x456 (1)

3. Sheer Genius

Sheer was a major trend in London, which seems mad because when it gets freezing again, the last thing you’ll want to throw on is a sheer dress! Although, I could be persuaded by those stunning sheer embroidered slips in Burberry. They are to die for!

00230h_304x456 (1) 00190h_304x456 (2) 00460h_304x456 00430h_304x456 00400h_304x456 00250h_304x456_1 00340h_304x456 (1) _ARC0485_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0101_450x675Alt_304x456 00320h_304x456

4. Emerald Envy

I literally couldn’t be happier that these stunning green tones are going to be huge next season. Green is my favourite colour to wear, but I find it very difficult to find the right shade of green. It looks like next season, I won’t be having that problem at all!

00270h_304x456 00240h_304x456 (2) 00180h_304x456 (1) 00340h_304x456_1 00370h_304x456 00340h_304x456 House of Holland

5. Fuzzy Friends

I want to wrap up in one of these coats immediately and not take it off until it is officially summer

00190h_304x456 (1) 00110h_304x456 00260h_304x456 (3) 00230h_304x456 00210h_304x456 (3) Jonathan Saunders 00320h_304x456 (1) 00240h_304x456 (1) 00160h_304x456 (1) _ARC0413_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0153_450x675Alt_304x456 00040h_304x456 (1) 00090h_304x456 (1) 00150h_304x456

6. Short and Sweet

We saw this in New York too, micro skirts and dresses are going no where. Pair them with Topshop’s stunning thigh high suede boots for a school girl gone bad edge.

00550h_304x456 Christopher Kane 00310h_304x456 (1) 00070h_304x456 00260h_304x456 (2) 00140h_304x456 (1) _ARC0359_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0065_450x675Alt_304x456 _ARC0027_450x675Alt_304x456 00160h_304x456 00120h_304x456 Marios Schwab Richard Nicoll 00200h_304x456

So there you have it. Another incredible LFW. Now its all about the Milan madness! Check in with the Okaybee Facebook to see some of my favourite red carpets looks and what I’ve been wearing. Milan review coming soon!


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