MFW: The Best Bits AW14/15

Milan is always the glamorous sister of fashion week. Bold, loud, a little in your face, but always fun. This year, a lot of brands were a little quieter in their approach – Gucci for example. But there was still lots to love. Fendi produced the ‘Karl Doll’ which should be all over social media like a rash very soon, Pucci created that effortlessly cool look that people are going to being dying to get their hands on, Prada was perfection, Dolce & Gabbana was a dream and I loved Armani. Below are some of the trends that really stood out for me at this seasons Milan Fashion Week.

1. Ocean Colour Scene

Like we have seen in New York and London, blue and green are undoubtedly the colours of the season. There are shades to flatter every skin tone and hair colour and they look so effortless when paired with charcoal grey. Sportmax paired a fantastic blue with black to wonderful effect and Pucci gave us the most insanely gorgeous green leather trousers. I want it all!

00010h_426x639 00040h_304x456 Alberta Ferretti MaxMara 00250h_304x456 (1) 00260h_304x456 00250h_304x456 (4) Versace 00140h_304x456 00190h_304x456 (2) 00210h_304x456 00250h_304x456 (5) 00270h_304x456 (1) 00260h_304x456 (1) 00200h_304x456 (1) 00160h_304x456 00170h_304x456 (3) 00250h_304x456 (6) 00330h_304x456 (1) Missoni 00500h_304x456 (2)

2. Fur

If you’re a fan of fur then Milan was the place to be. And this wasn’t subtle fur trims, oh no. These were big, almost obnoxious fur coats, in literally every colour with various patterns. Many don’t agree with it, but for those that do, there is going to be a lot to choose from come September.

00180h_304x456 00130h_304x456 00290h_304x456 00090h_304x456 00200h_304x456 Sportmax 00080h_304x456 (1) Roberto Cavalli 00240h_304x456 00300h_304x456 (1) Fendi

3. Red Hot

Red made quite the appearance in Milan this season, all in bold, bright shades. There was great versatility in the use of red, from pant suits to coats and mini dresses. I think its the best colour to wear when you’re in a bit of a funk and need to get out of it. There’s no way in the world you can put on a red pant suit and be mad about anything!

00550h_304x456 00530h_304x456 D&G Pucci 00330h_304x456 00170h_304x456 (2) 00040h_304x456 (1) 00120h_304x456 00170h_304x456 (1) 00410h_304x456 (1) 00250h_304x456 (2)

4. The Thigh’s the Limit

Do you own a pair of thigh high boots? Or a pair of narrow to the knee boots? No? Well you’re going to wish you did after seeing these pictures. I have literally been looking for the perfect pair of thigh high boots for about three years. It looks like this winter, I’ll be getting my wish. Incredible boots were on offer at Milan, with thigh high boots being the designer’s favourite. I literally cannot wait until these hit the shelves!

00070h_304x456 00250h_304x456 00310h_304x456 00130h_304x456 (1) 00430h_304x456 00140h_304x456 00280h_304x456 00390h_304x456 00080h_304x456 (2) 00250h_304x456 (8)

5. Mannish Elegance

Mannish elegance was every where in Milan. From Emporio Armani’s grey suits, to Jil Sander’s mannish coats, there was a look to suit almost everyone. I say almost everyone, as I find this look a little difficult to pull off as I’m so short and I feel this style of dressing needs a taller frame. Perhaps in the new season, there will be more options for us shorties when it comes to achieving the manly/elegant look?

Giorgio Armani 00100h_304x456 00230h_304x456 (2) 00250h_304x456 (7) Marni 00210h_304x456 (1) 00140h_304x456 (1) 00090h_304x456 (1) Jil Sander 00050h_304x456 00300h_304x456 00280h_304x456 (1) Bottega Veneta Emporio Armani 00350h_304x456 00370h_304x456 00170h_304x456

6. Sheer Beauty

Sheer is going no where! It is here to stay. Dolce and Gabbana were loving sheer clothing this season, and with outfits like these, its not hard to see why. I’m still struggling to work out how this sheer trend will fit into my winter wardrobe, I don’t like being cold, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

00410h_304x456 00470h_304x456 00190h_304x456 00470h_304x456 (1) 00480h_304x456 00500h_304x456 Prada 00250h_304x456 (5) 00470h_304x456 (2) 00500h_304x456 (1) 00360h_304x456 (1) 00370h_304x456 (1)

So there you have it. Ciao to Milan. Three down and just one to go – the beautiful Paris Fashion Week! I’m a little behind in posts so PFW has already started but if you’re already behind, don’t worry. I’ll have my Paris round up ready for you when its all done and dusted.


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