Lady in Red

The opportunity to go to a ball comes up very rarely unfortunately, so when my friend Jenny said I could have a ticket to the accountancy ball she was going to, I jumped at the chance. So many of my friends are accountants and were going to this ball, and it sure beats sitting in on a Saturday night!

As I decided to go to the ball quite late, I only got my ticket earlier in the week, it was too late to book hair and make up appointments. I did my hair myself with a curler in the afternoon as I wanted the curls to fall out a little and just be gentle waves. I went to MAC in BT2 in Dundrum and luckily a lovely girl there called Laura was able to squeeze me in and do my make up. She did a brilliant job with my skin and was so lovely to talk to.


Next I met my friend Sarah and we rushed to her boyfriends house to finish getting ready. The shoes and bag you’ve seen before, both from Zara. My dress, believe it or not, is from River Island! I bought it a few years ago for €45 and I’ve only worn it once before so I decided to wear it again last night. I didn’t get a photo of the back, but the dress is kind of backless too. Its such a comfortable dress to wear, I love it!



I have had the craziest week and I’m glad to be home in bed writing this post now! I have some great news which I’ll be telling you guys about soon, I’m very excited about this project. In the next couple of days, I’ll also be putting up the Paris Fashion Week round up so we’ll soon know all the trends for the coming season. Check out my Instagram and Facebook today, they should both be flooded with Oscar photos soon! But right now, I’m going for a well deserved nap!




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