The Best Bits: PFW AW 14/15

It’s all over. Fashion week is done for another season, and the designers have given us plenty to look forward to this autumn and winter. Paris, widely regarded as the most creative fashion week of all, was flawless in so many ways. Offering up some of the chicest trends and most covetable looks, Paris is the fashion week that closes off a fantastic season. Below I have sorted through every show from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Hermes, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Elie Saab, Givenchy, Celine and Kenzo to name a few. There’s lots to love, and lots that is very wearable as you will see.

1. Prints Charming

Clashing, bold, subtle, bright, prints were everywhere in Paris. Balenciaga had a trio of to die for coats in blue, red and green (as seen below) where as Kenzo went the colour clash route. This should translate very well in the coming season and it offers a great opportunity for people to avoid sticking to darker colours in the winter.

00140h_304x456 00150h_304x456 00130h_304x456 00310h_304x456 00010h_426x639 (1) Dries Van Noten 00120h_304x456 00170h_304x456 00190h_304x456 (3) 00380h_304x456 (1) 00250h_304x456 (1) 00260h_304x456 (3) 00280h_304x456 00090h_304x456 00110h_304x456 (2) 00050h_304x456 (2) 00260h_304x456 (4) 00380h_304x456 (3) 00390h_304x456 00100h_304x456 (1)miu miu 4 Alexander McQueen 4 valentino 7 valentino 00340h_304x456 (3) 00310h_304x456 (5) 00180h_304x456 (3) saint laurent 7 saint laurent 4 elie saab 4 elie saab 3 stella mccartney 5 stella mccartney 4 valentino 6

2. Military Precision

The military look really stood out for me in a couple of different ways. It was obvious at Balmain, with military shapes, colours and fabrics popping up every where, heavily detailed with studs and tough leather looks. It showed up in more subtle ways at Zadig & Voltaire in the form of cargo pants and at Saint Laurent with a gorgeous leather mini. It proves that you can toughen up your look this coming season, but you can do it in a discrete way.

Balmain 00050h_304x456 00290h_304x456 00260h_304x456_1 00280h_304x456_1 00290h_304x456_1 00270h_304x456 00150h_304x456 (2) 00190h_304x456 (6) 00210h_304x456 (2) Maison Martin Margiela celine

00180h_304x456 00190h_304x456 (1) 00210h_304x456 Carvenzadig and voltaire 3 zadig and voltaire 4 saint laurent 4

3. Laid Back Luxe

So many designers nailed the laid back luxe look this season. It is personally, one of my favourite ways to dress. A simple dress, boots, effortless hair, and a huge over sized coat. It so simple and elegant, while still having an edge. There’s a lot to love in the photos below. Expect to see knitwear a la Stella McCartney worn with the essential thigh high boots and bed head hair on everyone in a few months.

0007_304x456 0011_304x456 0016_304x456 0020_304x456 Nina Ricci 00050h_304x456 (1) 00190h_304x456 (4) 00450h_304x456 00040h_304x456 (1) 00060h_304x456 (1) 00140h_304x456 (1) 00160h_304x456 00270h_304x456 (1) 00290h_304x456 (2) 00340h_304x456 (2) 00280h_304x456 (2)stella mccartney 2 stella mccartney 5 stella mccartney 6 stella mccartney 7 saint laurent saint laurent 2 saint laurent 6 00320h_304x456 (4) 00370h_304x456 (1) Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 3 zadig and voltaire 2 zadig and voltaire miu miu 3 miu miu 2 zadig and voltaire 5 hermes

4. Green Glory

In New York and London, blue was the colour. We still saw it in Milan, but in Paris, green reigned supreme. Emerald green, khaki, lime and moss, it came in every shade adding a fresh look to so many looks. Mix with grey, navy and black for an effortless look.

H&M 0003_304x456 0004_304x456 00210h_304x456 (1) 00230h_304x456 (1) 00070h_304x456 (1) 00340h_304x456 (1) 00110h_304x456 (1) 00120h_304x456 (1) 00100h_304x456 00260h_304x456 (1) 00060h_304x456 (2) 00290h_304x456 (3) 00070h_304x456 (3) hermes 7 hermes 5 hermes 6 hermes 4 miu miu 5 valentino 12 valentino 11 valentino 3 valentino 2 saint laurent 3 stella mccartney 3

5. Manly Moments

Menswear inspiration was a strong trend in Paris. I am a huge fan of this trend. Diane Keaton is one of my idols and instilled in me a love of suits on women. Saint Laurent nails it every time with their signature crisp white shirt and black neck tie. Look to Balenciaga for a more off duty menswear look. Also the capes at Valentino – I die.

00190h_304x456 0026_304x456 00230h_304x456 00320h_304x456 00040h_304x456 00060h_304x456 00080h_304x456 (1) 00030h_304x456 00250h_304x456 (2) 00260h_304x456 (2) 00270h_304x456 (2) kenzo 00320h_304x456 (3) 00410h_304x456 (1) stella mccartney elie saab stella mccartney 7 saint laurent 8 valentino 4 valentino 5 valentino 10 Louis Vuitton 2 hermes 9 hermes 10

6. Snow White

Just like New York and London, winter whites featured heavily again. I know its totally impractical but I can’t help it – I love this trend so much. If you’re looking for low commitment, a pair of white jeans with a white knit jumper and grey boots will serve you well. Don’t invest in a white coat unless you’ll get the wear out of it and you’ve factored in the dry cleaning costs!

gareth pugh 00330h_304x456 00380h_304x456 00370h_304x456 0021_304x456 00260h_304x456 Ann Demeulemeester 00250h_304x456 (1) 00170h_304x456 (1) 00350h_304x456 (1) 00380h_304x456 (2) Sonia Rykiel 00070h_304x456 (2) 00310h_304x456 (4) 00320h_304x456 (2) Acne 00140h_304x456 (2) 00170h_304x456 (2) chloe 00360h_304x456 00170h_304x456 (3) 00190h_304x456 (7) 00200h_304x456 (1) hermes 12 hermes 11 zadig and voltaire 7 zadig and voltaire 6 zadig and voltaire 8 miu miu Alexander McQueen 5 Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen 2 Alexander McQueen 3 valentino 9 00240h_304x456 (2)

So there it is, all the autumn winter trends for 2014/2015. If you want to take a look back at New York, London or Milan, look not further as I’ve done the hard work for you! I can’t wait to see how people style these trends come September. There’s plenty of ways to inject AW trends into your wardrobe now by wearing cobalt blue, or embracing the mini bag. What was your favourite trend of AW 14/15?




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