Cosy for the Cold

I have been suffering from the ickiest cold all week. I’m so run down and gross. It’s not a good look. Because of all the ickiness, I’ve been dressing with comfort at the top of my agenda this week. Big Sandro coatigans, comfy boots. cosy jumpers and my happy pants – check it all out below.

I went with the double leopard look on Tuesday. This jumper is one of the most comfortable ones I own and no doubt you have seen it on this blog before. I paired it with my much loved leopard print flats and white cropped jeans. The over all look was quite spring appropriate, while still aware that it was a little chilly.


On Wednesday I kept it really simple, black sweater, black jeans, chelsea boots and a over sized coat. To make up for the blandness of my outfit, I loaded on the jewellery. These two necklaces are two of my favourites. The interlinked hearts I picked up in the sale recently.


Thursday was all about comfort again and staying warm as I had a fever and felt cold all the time! You can see though I felt brave enough to just about show my face again. I wore black jeans and simple black top with my beloved Sandro coatigen. Heavier than a cardigan, lighter than a coat – you get the drift. I wore this great pair of wine boots from Carvela and finished it off with an eagle gold necklace.


Friday was the day I was waiting for. I had had the craziest week, leaving the house at 7.30 every morning and not getting home until about 10.30 at night. So Friday meant the end of my crazy week and I could just relax, so I wore my happy pants. Leopard trousers from Topshop with a simple black sweater and black boots.


Having taken the weekend off and recharging my batteries, I’m finally starting to feel normal again! Hope you all had a great weekend!



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