Puerto Banus, Spain

Sorry it’s taken me so long to fill you in on my holiday in Spain. I’ve needed a few days to just relax and hang out with my family. Puerto Banus was amazing! I had such a great time. We relaxed by the pool, at the beach, ate amazing food, had loads of wine and cocktails and met some amazing people.

I’ve put together some of my favourite photos of the holiday, I hope you enjoy them! Also, sorry for the lack of outfit posts both on holiday and since I’ve been back. There’s a lot of crazy work going on in my house so it’s difficult to find a spot to take photos. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running soon!

My day began with a coffee and ended with an amazing cocktail – the best way to be really! I love this travel purse by Michael Kors. It fits everything you need no problem and doubles up as a clutch for nights out.


The absolute best way to begin your day is cherries, strawberries and peaches by the pool. Look at how gorgeous the water is! We stayed in a place called Los Naranjos. So pretty and peaceful.


Saturday was definitely one of the weirdest, most fun days we had while we were away. We went to Plaza Beach and ended up making friends with so many people around us. From the couple beside us, who insisted on pouring wine into our mouths, to a huge group of Americans who we in Spain for a wedding. There’s some pretty bizarre photos below!


Here is me and my girls Jenny and Sarah before a night out. All coordinated in white, which was mostly unintentional! My crop top is from Topshop, the bandeau is American Eagle and then the skirt is Bershka. I’m literally obsessed with crop tops lately. I can’t seem to stop buying them!


Puerto Banus really is so beautiful. We went out for a gorgeous dinner one night. Afterwards, we walked down the port with ice cream watching the sun set. It’s such a pretty place, I definitely recommend that you visit sometime. 20140621-194658-71218831.jpg


I’ll admit to not being much of a football fan, so the World Cup isn’t really my thing, but even I have to admit it was fun watching the games over in Spain. There was so many people on holidays in Puerto Banus, so no matter where you went, or what game was on, there was always someone supporting that team and nervously watching the game. I love this chalkboard mural that we spotted!20140621-194700-71220866.jpg

Below is the beach that we liked to go to and where we were staying. It was so gorgeous and sunny everyday. I think even my pale Irish skin picked up a little tan!


One night we went out for the most delicious dinner in a place called La Salla. It was amazing. I literally inhaled everything which is why I don’t have photos of the incredible food for you guys. But trust me, it was to die for! The three of us got dressed up for dinner. I’m in a super comfortable patterned jumpsuit from H&M.20140621-194704-71224116.jpg

Everyone was so friendly and amazing. We had the best time. Below are some photos of our nights out. You can see things got a little messy, there was lots of vodka and sparklers involved!20140621-194819-71299708.jpg


I want to show you guys this one last photo. We had a 9.15 pm flight back to Ireland. I ended up falling asleep because it had been a super busy week. When I woke an hour later, the sky was incredible. I ended up watching the sky change the whole way home. We literally followed the sunset back to Dublin. One of those incredible sights that I won’t forget.20140621-194818-71298885.jpg

So that concludes my Spanish adventure. I’m already planning my next trip! I think I had major wanderlust at the moment so little trips will keep me going! I’d love to hear about your travel plans or any recommendations you have for trips.



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