Miami, 2014

Miami was such an incredible trip! I had never been to Miami before and I have to say, I will definitely be back. The beach, the music, the food, the shopping – it’s such a fun place to go with friends and have a ball! After the madness of New York and doing so much walking and running around, it was really nice to have some time to relax by the beach. Although, Miami wasn’t as relaxing as I think we thought it would be!

Day One

We arrived from our New York flight in the afternoon in Miami. The heat was amazing. That’s something I always love about holidays, stepping off the plane and feeling the heat hit you. Love it! We arrived at our gorgeous apartment which was right on the beach, dropped off our bags and headed straight for the beach. It was so nice to walk along the sand and go for a dip in the sea. The weather was quite cloudy but it didn’t matter as we were so hungry and dying for one of those giant cocktails! They are so overwhelming when you first see them, but so tasty! That night we headed to a club called Mansion which had a circus theme. Think acrobats doing tricks in the air over your head and guys with elephant faces dancing around you. So bizarre!


Day Two

The next day, all we wanted to do was lie by the beach all day. It was definitely time to relax! A few dips in the sea and some sunbathing was exactly what was needed. Sometimes you just want to relax with your friends and have chats. That night we went to Bâoli restaurant for the most delicious meal. There was amazing sushi to start, teriyaki salmon and steak burgers for mains with delicious fresh salad and then an incredible melting chocolate pudding for dessert, with some champagne to wash it down. Not the best night to wear the tightest dress I own! It was so tasty I didn’t even care. Without a doubt, the best meal I had on holiday. We then went to a club called Mynt for a couple of hours before heading to the Wall bar at the W.



Day Three

Starting your day off at the beach is definitely something that I could get used to. I live so close to the beach here in Dublin, but trust me when I say it really isn’t the same as Miami! Unfortunately, the weather took a bit of a turn and it got pretty gross out. We’re positive girls however and decided to go shopping for the day. A quick trip to PinkBerry for some amazing frozen yogurt and then we headed for Aventura shopping mall. You really do need a map for that place! We headed back to South Beach and the girls went rollerblading. I skipped on the rollerblading as I am about as graceful as a newborn baby lamb on wheels, or ice skates. How cute do those four look though?!


Day Four

I think I can safely speak for the girls when I say that the Saturday in Miami was one of the best days ever. We went to Hyde pool party at the SLS that afternoon. It was so much fun having champagne by the pool and talking with this really lovely group of guys we met from England. After a while we were all in the pool, absolutely soaked and potentially being the loudest people at the party! As much as I love the beach, sometimes it is lovely to chill by the pool and avoid the sand for a while. That night we went to Calvin Harris at LIV in the Fontaine Bleau. For anyone who has been to Vegas, LIV is definitely up there with the best Vegas clubs. We saw Calvin Harris last year in Hakasan in Vegas, but this time managed to be even better as we were right at the front and had the perfect view of the entire club, and Calvin of course. It was the most incredible day and night, it literally couldn’t have been better!

    IMG_6394IMG_6051IMG_6306  IMG_6391   IMG_6096IMG_6133IMG_6182  IMG_6103IMG_6106IMG_6119IMG_6173

Day Five

This was our last full day in Miami and we moved to a hotel called the Mondrian. This hotel is beautiful! Right beside the water with a stunning pool and gorgeous surroundings. We were in heaven! We chilled by the pool all day, ate, had cocktails. It was exactly what we needed after such a crazy day yesterday. We had planned on having a relaxing night in that night, but we ended up being brought on a boat tour of Miami! It was incredible, the Miami skyline is so pretty at night. Our friends brought us to this really nice margarita bar at Bayside mall, which is on the water front. I love the Cuban culture in Miami. There was so much singing and dancing going on around us, it was such a fun night!

IMG_6269IMG_6301IMG_6299IMG_6393IMG_6352IMG_6362IMG_6412   IMG_6239

Day Six

Our last day in Miami was all about relaxing by the pool. I honestly could have sunbathed by the pool forever, it was so relaxing. The only thing that stopped the day from being perfect was the fact that we had to say goodbye to two of the girls. One was heading back to New York and one to London. Goodbyes are crappy, I couldn’t hate them more! But we’ll all be reunited soon so it was more of a see you later than a goodbye.


I would definitely recommend a Miami holiday to anyone. You have the beach, shopping, night life, amazing food – it’s all there! It was the most incredible holiday. Having done two cities one after the other, I’m tempted to do that on future holidays too. It’s almost like a holiday within a holiday.


Miami was also my last trip of the summer. As soon as I landed back in Dublin, it felt like it was officially Autumn, the presence of Fashion Week also spurs on that feeling for me. I’m looking forward to buying cosy sweaters and coats and all the new adventures coming my way this winter.



P.S – Big thanks to my girls again for their amazing photos! Aisling, Becky, Jenny & Sarah – love you guys! x

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