Halloween ’14 – Vampire Diaries

When I think of vampires, I don’t think of Twilight and all that glittery crap. I think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Questionable monsters, Noughties style, Angel, Spike, leather trousers and halter necks. So much better than these modern sparkly versions! So with that in mind, my vampire inspiration for this Halloween is very Buffy focused.

The great thing about this look is you can switch up your make up and either be one of the vampires or Buffy. To transform to Buffy just do regular make up with a smokey eye, add a cross necklace, find a stick to hold and boom – you’re Buffy! Easy peasy. Another great thing is that all of these pieces can be worn again, nothing that I hate more than investing in a Halloween costume that will never be seen again.

halloween 1 halloween 3halloween 2 halloween 4 halloween 5          halloween 6

If you want to go the vampire route, vampire makeup is a must. I am no make up artist, but I have tried out this look to show you just how easy it can be to make effective vampire make up. Apply a white layer of face paint all over your face and neck. Smudge some dark face paint lightly into your face to create hollows at your cheek bones, neck, and around your eyes. Define your brows with an eye pencil. Create a dark smokey eye and add lots of liquid liner and false eyelashes. Next apply a red lipstick all over your lips. To create an ombre effect on your lips, add a darker lip colour, such as Diva by MAC above, to the edges of your lips and blend towards the centre of your mouth. Add some drops of blood down your mouth with lipstick and dark eye shadow. I find that contact lenses really add to the effect. If you’re not used to using contact lenses, definitely put them in before you do all your make up to give yourself the chance to get used to them.


I hope you liked my vampire look, or Buffy, whichever you’re going for. Check out my Halloween outfit from yesterday, Audrey Hepburn. They couldn’t be more different!



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