COS Spring Summer 2016 Preview

It’s time for another COS sneak peek! I love attending the COS Press Previews, it’s always so great to see what the brand is doing. The thought behind each collection is consistently impressive and I was really drawn to this year’s idea of the classics with a COS twist. Think trench coats with modern belts, think the power suit, but in denim. Another stellar collection, one I think you’ll enjoy when it starts hitting the shops in the new year.

COS SS 2016 Press Day

Yes, the breakfast was to die for. Coconut yoghurt with granola, seeds and fruit, or gorgeous porridge, all finished off with a juice from Black Sheep Foods. My mom also has an art group called the Black Sheep, so I had to take home my juice jar to show her!

Black Sheep Foods - Breakfast  Black Sheep Foods - Juice

Can I also say, the space that the preview took place, the Kerlin Gallery, was perfect. So minimal, so clean, so COS really! It was the perfect place to showcase the collection.
  COS Preview - Kerlin Gallery

As you can see, the menswear had quite a muted palette. Soft greys, mushrooms, charcoal, all very wearable and easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. I have a lot of love for COS menswear and there is always a few things from the mens collection that I would absolutely wear myself. The mens accessories were again, muted colours. Mostly blacks and greys – my average daily colour palette really!

COS SS 16 Preview - Menswear  COS SS 16 Preview - MenswearCOS SS 16 Preview - MenswearCOS SS 16 Preview - Menswear Accessories

The women’s collection followed a similar colour scheme, to an extent. Yes, there were the more muted tones of grey and dark denims, taupe and caramel, but there was also lots of white and the most beautiful blush tones. I really loved the denim story. Everything was inspired by denim so would have the same texture, tones, or look of denim. One of my favourite pieces was the denim inspired bikini top. I’m going to need that for next summer for sure!

 COS SS 16 Preview - WomenswearCOS SS 16 Preview - WomenswearCOS SS 16 Preview - Womenswear  COS SS 16 Preview - Womenswear

The accessories, in contrast to the men’s we’re pretty much exclusively light neutrals. I love the knotted sandals below! They’re so simple and elegant. The jewellery below is pretty cool too, sorry that I didn’t get a closer shot. It’s basically pieces of compressed denim, inspired by the denim story, on silver. Love those pieces a lot!

COS SS 16 Preview - Womenswear Accessories

I was a big fan of this dress. It was very difficult to get a good picture of it as there wasn’t much room on the rails, just trust me when I say it is gorgeous! The detail in the back is nothing short of stunning and the feel of the dress is amazing. I will be trying it on as soon as it hits the shops, I think it’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe instead of always reaching for the little black dress. Which I find myself constantly doing.

IMG_7251  IMG_7249-1

Another lovely morning at the COS preview, and I love my new purse! If you missed my previous COS previews, then you can check them out: AW 2015, SS 2015,  AW 2014. It’s a good way of seeing how my photography skills have improved (a little) throughout the two years of this blog!

COS SS 16 Preview - Press Pack




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