Feeling Festive

It’s officially December so I’m finally allowed to be excessively Christmassy! I love this time of year. I can’t tell you how happy I get when I see the lights on Grafton Street in Dublin.  I think they are the prettiest Christmas tree lights. One of my favourite things to go around this time of year is get a coffee and walk around Dublin with all the Christmas lights twinkling. Normally I’m very focused when I’m going around town as I’m usually rushing somewhere, but it’s nice at this time of year to just enjoy the atmosphere.

Grafton Street at Christmas

However, it isn’t all fun and games! There’s presents to buy, and Christmas party outfits to get. And I’m completely joking because I love buying Christmas presents and outfits in general so it’s definitely fun and games for me! This year I’ve actually nearly finished my Christmas shopping. I decided to get started early this year because things are going to be busy in work so it takes the pressure off. I realised after a while that a lot of my gifts were Jo Malone. I can’t show you obviously in case the recipients see, but with that gorgeous wrapping and what with it being Jo Malone, you know they’re nice gifts!

Thanks to Black Friday, there’s also a few presents that I’ve bought myself too. They all should be arriving soon so I will do a blog post on those things as soon as I have everything. I think my postman thinks I’m crazy as the amount of packages that get delivered to this house for me is insane!

Jo Malone gifts

So this year it’s looking like I will have about nine Christmas parties. Yes, you did read that correctly. Nine. Thanks to the company I work for and the various different departments that there are, plus parties with friends, there will be nine altogether. Now most of these will be a ‘Christmas Jumper required’ party, so that will make life a little easier. However, my main Christmas party looks like it’s going to be a pretty fancy affair. Have I found anything to wear to it yet? No. Well ok that’s not technically true. I did find an incredible dress online but they’re sold out. So I’m waiting to see if it’s back in stock in time, fingers crossed!

I’ve been getting a lot of outfit inspiration however, despite the lack of outfits to wear. One black dress, of course, that I got will look great with these details. Deep red nails and lips, with lots of gold details like these incredible earrings from Aldo, which they now have in four different colours. I wore these earrings at the ball I was at a few months ago and I loved them. They’re definitely getting another outing this Christmas!

 Chanel, MAC and gold jewlery

There’s been a horrible storm across Ireland the last few days, which has slowed down my finish-buying-presents-and-finally-find-a-dress mission. However, it’s much nicer out today so hopefully I’ll be able to get a few things done. I’m also putting up the Christmas tree today. My family doesn’t realise it yet, but it’s happening!

Last year I did 12 posts in 24 days to celebrate the Christmas season. It was pretty intense. Those of you who follow this blog will know that I generally don’t post very frequently as I am pretty crazy busy with work and a few other things that I do, and I don’t like rushing posts and just putting anything out there. So last year while I was really proud that I managed to do 12 posts for Christmas, complete with sourcing all the items in those posts, I felt that if I tried it again this year it would be too much for me and it wouldn’t be to the standard that I want. I’m trying to slow down at Christmas and enjoying spending time with my family and friends. That’s what it’s all about really isn’t it! So there won’t be loads of Christmas themed blog posts this year, but my priorities are all about what’s really important this year.

I hope you’re enjoying the festive season. Remember to have a day in your pyjamas, snuggled up in a onesie with your loved ones, watching your favourite Christmas movie. That’s what I love the most.



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