It’s a Jungle Out There

My friend Jenny and I recently decided that we need to set up our own little photography club. An opportunity to go out, take photos, explore new places, all while catching up.

This all came about because I told Jenny I had never been to the National Botanic Gardens – ridiculous I know. It’s literally less than a 20 minute walk from my house now, there’s really no excuse.


So, this Saturday gone, we headed over there, with our camera’s ready to go. First we stopped in McMahon’s of Botanic Avenue for some lunch. The iced coffee. You guys. The hazelnut one tastes like a Ferrero Rocher. No joke. I don’t care how (probably) bad it is for you, it was amazing. I will be going back for my coffee fix asap. I also had the brie toasted sandwich with what appeared to be an entire wheel of brie in it. Not complaining at all, but I was defeated by the sheer cheesiness of it.


Afterwards, full of cheese, we headed to the gardens. I must have mentioned about 20 times how annoyed I was with myself for having never gone before. The gardens are stunning! The greenhouses are huge, filled with tropical, exotic plants of all kinds. The vegetable patch was overflowing with kale, courgette, pumpkins, and apples. The flowers were so colourful and in full bloom. It was so nice to see autumn sneaking onto the scene, with the trees starting to turn, but all the leaves still intact.


If you haven’t been to the Botanic Gardens, then I recommend that you go, or if you’re visiting Ireland soon, put it on your list of places to go. It makes for such a relaxing afternoon, wandering around, taking it all in. And there’s so many incredible things to photograph, we were both running low on battery after two hours!


I won’t go on any longer, I’ll just leave you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Botanic Gardens.


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