My Top 10 Fashion Instagrammers

I’m really enjoying writing and filming this series!

If you haven’t checked out the first of this series – Travel, then head on over and give it a look. It’s fun putting together these lists and sharing some of my favourite people on Instagram. It’s such a minefield of the same old stuff sometimes, hopefully these suggestions are interesting to you guys!

Today I’m going through my favourite fashion Instagrammers. Fashion was the initial reason that I loved Instagram. It was so great to see people expressing themselves online in a creative way, and it made me feel more comfortable sharing myself. Today I’m going to share some Instagrammers that are huge online, and you’ll definitely have heard of, and others that are smaller, but putting out amazing content. Let’s get into it.


An OG and someone that I’ve been following for at least 6/7 years, Jules is one of my favourite people for outfit inspiration. The way she puts clothes together is just so effortless and she always looks like an outfit was made for her, even if it’s a high street brand. I love how she plays with high and low pieces, and isn’t afraid of statement jewellery. There’s an effortlessness there that I would love to emulate in my day to day style. If you aren’t one of the millions of people following Jules, then what are you doing?! Go and follow her now for some serious inspiration.


Tara is an Irish content creator, living in New York, and I am obsessed with her style. The paired back, minimalism is exactly the type of look that I love. Tara studied fashion in college and has worked in design, so let me tell you, the girl knows her fabrics. If she says something is well made on the high street, then you can believe it. Her easy style and effortless addition of accessories is so aesthetically pleasing to me. Not to mention she is such a lovely and talented person. If you haven’t checked her out on YouTube yet, then go do it!


Another big name, but I couldn’t have left Negin off this list. With the most enviable hair ever, Negin is one of the biggest bloggers out there. Her style would definitely be more on the glamorous side of things, but I love her outfits the most when she’s paired back and casual. Her brand Gisou is going from strength to strength, and she is the owner to one of the cutest dogs in the world. Check her out if you want enviable access to shows, campaigns, trips and behind the scenes.


My number one example of classic dressing done so so well. I am obsessed with the outfits that Emma puts together. If I had three wishes, one of them would be to own every item in her wardrobe. Seriously (don’t ask me about the other two wishes, although they would be more skewed to the ‘world peace’ side of things). Emma gets the basics right again and again. A great mix of high and low, combined with a colour palette that just feels so fresh means that I am double tapping all her pictures. You also need to check out her YouTube, where she is killing it with her haul videos and edits (shout out to employee of the month, Simon!). Your feed isn’t complete without Emma.


Petra’s got me out here wanting to chop all my hair off and dye it dark brown. This is basically my dream right here. All the suits, all the shirts, all the black clothing. I want to dress like this all day, every day. It’s chic and not trying too hard. It’s minimal perfection. And we need to talk about how every pair of jeans she wears is the ‘perfect pair’ of jeans. Every single one. I don’t know how Petra does it, but I want her to teach me her ways. Brb, off to buy everything she’s wearing.


The boots. The dress. The pop of colour with that triangular bag. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bag like it. Serra is effortlessly cool. Seriously. Look at her. I have so much outfit envy, and yet I know I wouldn’t look even 1% as good as her in this outfit. Serra injects so much colour and life into her outfits, it almost makes me want to leave my white/grey/black clothing palette behind. Almost. If you’re looking for someone to follow that plays with colour, print, volume, texture, and just generally makes fashion look like the most fun, then you need to follow her.


Give me your hair please and thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the queen of holiday dressing. This is how I want to look on holidays. This is how I think I look when I get to my holidays. I plan my outfits, I do my hair nice… I never look like this on holidays! Halley just has it down. It’s effortless (how many times have I said that in this post?). The perfect summer dresses, the perfect beachy hair, I’ve nearly bought about 17 bikinis and one pieces because I saw them on her page and I will be living vicariously through her now that it’s getting colder, and pretending that I’m also having beers and pizza on the beach in my amazing bikini.


Lauren is one to watch. I said it in my video and I’ll say it again. She is a model to watch. Look at that face! She totally gorgeous, and has the style to match. Lauren isn’t afraid of colour and prints and always looks so put together. I don’t know how she does it. I love how, even in a more muted outfit, she’ll still introduce a pop of colour that just takes it up a notch. I love following her Instastories and seeing how she’s grown, taking on more and more campaigns. It’s an exciting time to be following her, so get to it!


If you want to be one of the first to know about changes in Instagram, then Eva is your girl. Head of Fashion at Instagram, Eva has an enviable wardrobe that I would love to spend a rainy afternoon playing in. Feathers, leather, prints, clashing, athleisure, Eva wears it all and makes the most unlikely combinations work. I feel like I play it safe when it comes to fashion most of the time, but Eva inspires me to have fun with it and think outside of the box. Plus her kids are insanely cute, so that’s an added bonus when watching her stories! You need to follow Eva, you’re missing out on so much fun if you’re not!


Can I just say, Nicole had the most stunning wedding I’ve ever seen and I’m not sure anything could top it. Don’t @ me. And you’ll agree once you’ve Insta-stalked the whole thing. Breathtaking. Nicole is elegance personified. Total class and grace, elegance in every photo. It always looks like a shot from a magazine with her flawless skin, hair and outfits. I love how Nicole dresses and wish I could be as put together. She’s another OG that has style oozing from her, and I just love seeing what she puts together for amazing events like Venice Film Festival and trips to secluded islands. If you’re not one of the 1.8 million people following her, then you’re missing out, big time.

So there you have it, my favourite people to follow for fashion on Instagram. The lists are never exhaustive, because we’d be here all day if they were. But it gives you an idea of who I enjoy following, and the different styles that I like. Hopefully you’ve found someone new to follow today. If not, there’s always the next post in the series, which will be coming soon!


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