My Top 10 Interiors Instagrammers

I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying doing these videos and posts.

It feels good to give people the chance to discover new Instagrammers. Thanks the the crappy algorithm, it’s harder than ever to find now, exciting people. Instead the usual cookie cutter ‘grammers are promoted on a daily basis. And while I do focus on some big accounts, there are some smaller ones in there that I feel you’ll enjoy.

In case you’ve missed the first two in this series, here are the links to my favourite Fashion Instagrammers, and favourite Travel Instagrammers.

Hey Davina

Hey Davina was the account that had me saving images to my collections like it was nobodies business. I am obsessed with her feed. Every photo is amazing, detailing stunning cafes, restaurants, facades, nooks and coffee shops. Definitely erring more towards the industrial vibe, Hey Davina has an aesthetic that makes me want to buy a warehouse and convert it into a home.

Hello I Am Naz

Hello I Am Naz does focus a lot on facades, so I went back and forth on whether to include him on this list. But ultimately I decided to include him, sold especially by his photos he took while in Morocco. Naz has a dark, detailed feed, with sharpened images and a deep colour palette. You’ll have to scroll back a while, and fall down a rabbit hole in the process, to find his Morocco images, but it’s worth it. Half of my Morocco Instagram collection is from Naz’ images!

Peter J Wu

Peter’s feed honestly soothes my soul. All that bright, clean aesthetic, polished concrete floors, light wooden accents. Swoon. It’s such a gorgeous feed and feels like a mood board I just want to print out and put on my wall to stare at. Peter’s Californian vibe feels fresh and clean to me. I think Peter has a great eye for a clean aesthetic, and it’s something I would love to implement into my (imaginary) home. Check out his feed, and prepare to be soothed.

Eimear Varian Barry

I love Eimear. I really do. She’s real, entertaining, honest, authentic, and unfiltered. Eimear is a breath of fresh air. There are many, many reasons you should be following Eimear, but interiors is just one part of this. Eimear has recently bought a house and is brilliant to follow if you’re renovating yourself, or if you’re interested in renovating. She has the work done to date highlighted on her stories and it’s been incredible to see the transformation to date. I also love how she shows the temporary changes she’s making, acknowledging that it will take time to get the house to where they want it to me, and the positive changes they can make in the meantime. Definitely give Eimear a follow for honest and hilarious insights into the home renovation process!

By Denize

By Denize is someone I found very recently and immediately I was obsessed with her feed. That warm Scandi design, the styling, the details, the fact she tags where she got everything. It’s a dream! Denize has a real eye for interiors and her ability to tie things together so beautifully is something I envy. Take a look through her feed, not forgetting her Insta Stories if you want a serious spark of inspiration.

My Domaine

My Domaine is more of a mixture than the other accounts I mention. I don’t drool over every single photo the way I do with the other accounts, because there is not one consistent theme to the images they post. It’s more a mix of everything, all sorts of styles. From more elaborate bathrooms, to classic living rooms, opulent kitchens, to modern hallways, there really is something for everyone in this account (something I believe I say about 100 times in the video above). While I may not like every photo, I think it’s good to follow accounts that expose you to different styles and interiors, and My Domaine is perfect for that.

Farrow & Ball

The holy grail of paint, in my eyes, has the perfect feed for you to check out paint colours, and get some real life inspiration, before painting that wall berry and deciding immediately that you hate it. I love checking out this feed to see ways people have had fun with paint and colour. After all, decorating doesn’t have to be boring. More than any other account, the Farrow & Ball feed really makes me look twice at colours I would have never otherwise considered, which can only be a good thing. After all, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. And if you don’t like it, you can just paint over it! Simple.

Domino Mag

This is another big-account-that-you-won’t-necessarily-love-every-photo-but-is-still-good-to-follow. This is where one of my favourite photos is from (the photo below). Texture, you guys. Why don’t we all play with texture more?! Just looking at this photo makes me happy. Imagine if it was in my home?! I’ve got a lot of inspiration from scrolling endlessly through this feed, and I think you will too.

Sunny Circle Studio

For some reason I keep calling this Sunny Side Studio, which just makes me think of eggs… but I digress. I recently came across this account and instantly wished I could teleport myself into this home. In a non-creepy way, obviously. I mean, spotted wallpaper. I would have never thought I needed it, but I’m clearly wrong. The mix of patterns, fabrics, and colours shouldn’t work. But it does. I can’t explain it, but it’s calling my name. This account just makes me happy, and totally earns the ‘sunny’ in it’s title.

Design Hunter UK

Another recent find, Design Hunter UK is also a great account to follow if you’re in the middle of renovations, or about to embark upon them. Helen is undergoing her own renovations and is full of amazing tips for you to keep in mind. Another great account for a clean and minimal aesthetic, Helen is a pro at making interiors look effortless. You also need to keep an eye on her stories. I was literally glued to my phone watching the fireplace renovation. That’s how you know you’re getting old by the way. When you’re gripped by fireplace renovations.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my top ten interiors Instagrammers. As always, this list is not exhaustive, and ever changing, but it does give a great insight into the accounts that I am currently loving and getting a lot of inspiration from. If there are any other accounts that you think I would love, pop their handle down below!

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