The 12 Days of Christmas: Watches

Welcome back to the next Christmas post! Today it’s all about watches. I bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch in New York in September and I love it. It’s the first watch below. I really feel like it adds a smart finish to my work outfits but it’s also casual enough to wear day to day. I hope you find some inspiration below – as always, click the pictures to shop!

Gold Watches

Personally, as I mostly wear gold jewellery, gold watches go with my jewellery best. The first watch below is the one I bought in New York and it always gets loads of compliments. I love the other two watches for their gold accents and leather straps.

watches 10watcheswatches 15

Silver Watches

While I don’t wear silver jewellery, I do think that silver jewellery looks amazing on, and these three watches would certainly tempt me to start wearing silver again!

watches 6watches 8watches 9

Rose Gold Watches

Rose gold is a new enough trend. It really took off about two years ago, and now it’s everywhere. Rose gold is a great way to add a little colour to your jewellery and looks gorgeous with a tan.

watches 2watches 7watches 11


Sometimes you just need to add a flash of colour to your wardrobe, and a bright watch is a great way to do this. I also love this grey Kenzo watch as it’s fashion forward, but still suitable for work.

watches 3watches 12watches 14

I hope you guys have found some inspiration for your wish lists. Christmas time is the perfect time to invest in a watch as you will have it forever! Check out my 12 Days of Christmas Make Up post for more inspiration!



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