I think its fair to say that trying to keep up with trends is exhausting. Not to mention expensive. I think there is more of an argument for the capsule wardrobe now than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for buying something new and pretty and totally of the moment. But if you want to manage to look put together every day without sending yourself into debt, then the capsule wardrobe is the way to go.

Now what would be considered essentials for one persons capsule wardrobe may be completely different to what somebody else considers to be essential. For me, a capsule wardrobe should be simple, of a muted colour palette, and should not contain too many prints or patterns. The reason for not including prints and patterns is because they can be more difficult to mix and match and they also tend to stand out in peoples minds. So people will remember if you have worn that shirt with the bold colours and prints twice in one week. Now I’m not saying it matters what people think, I think if it makes you happy then wear it. But for me, I save the times for when I do wear prints and strong colours for when I want to make an impact. Thats just personal though.

So whats in my capsule wardrobe?

1. Leather Jacket

An absolute essential in my book. In either black or grey, I guarantee this wardrobe staple will not let you down. A good leather jacket is the easiest way to give your outfit that effortless cool edge. Now I know I said capsule wardrobe was a cheaper way to go than keeping up with trends, but I really wouldn’t skimp on the price when it comes to your leather jacket. Try to buy the best quality and cut jacket that you can afford. Leather jackets never go out of style and its a wise investment.

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2. Boots

Like leather jackets, boots are something that you shouldn’t necessarily skimp on. However, it is easier to find good quality boots for cheaper than a good quality jacket I find. I would recommend a heeled boot and a flat boot. My two favourites are both from Topshop. One is a pair of well worn Chelsea boots and the other are my heeled ankle boots which I’m sure you’ve seen on the blog a thousand times now! Both are ideal for most days and weather and they last so well.

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3. Jeans

I find getting jeans to fit me an absolute nightmare. I’m pretty short – 5 foot 2 (and a half!) – so finding jeans to fit in the leg as well as the waist is quite a challenge. That being said, most high street stores do various leg lengths now, so it is getting easier. My favourite jeans have to be my J Brands. They are the only black jeans that don’t fade, so they are definitely worth the price. Classic dark denim jeans are also a favourite, as are white jeans. This is definitely an area of the capsule wardrobe where you can be more adventurous with cut, colour and even pattern.

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4. Tops

I keep tops pretty simple. My favourite are simple t shirts by Isabel Marant. Nice v neck, great cut and really comfortable. Tops in neutral colours like white, black, grey are perfect but, like jeans, you can play around with styles and colours to mix up your look.

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I want to repeat that this is not a definitive list. Its just a handy list for a day to day, simple look which I favour. I mean there are so many more pieces I consider to be essential, leather pants, a good blazer, hats, which I have posted about before, and of course you cannot underestimate the power of accessories and red lipstick. But if you’re looking for a simple look for everyday, this capsule list will sort that out for you.


Photo sources: Pinterest

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