Tour Diary: Part One

I forgot how tiring ballet tours are! I did ballet for years and used to go on tours around Ireland performing to children in schools. Now I’m back with the ballet school but as an assistant. So I help out backstage, assist with costume changes, that kind of thing. Its so much fun! We went to two different venues this week, just got back last night, and then we’re heading off again on Sunday for another two venues. Very busy! I just thought I’d share some of my favourite photos of tour so far, as well as some of my outfits.

20140116-145729.jpg  20140116-145738.jpg

Dinner time obviously needs balloons! The girls are lovely, totally crazy but lovely!

20140116-145750.jpg  20140116-145800.jpg


My favourite hotel that we stayed in this week was definitely the Castletroy Park Hotel in Galway. They’ve recently done renovations and its amazing. I literally didn’t want to leave my bed!

20140116-145842.jpg  20140116-145908.jpg

So I’m afraid I forgot to take photos of my outfit on the first night, sorry! But I remembered the second two nights so that kind of makes up for it. I wore this cute simple top from Zara with my trusty white Topshop jeans. Tonnes of jewellery, rings, watch, bracelet and necklace finished it off. I used MAC studio sculpt foundation, Urban Decay’s Naked 2 on my eyes, Rimmel liquid liner, and MAC lipstick in Snob. Completely obsessed with it.

20140116-145852.jpg  20140116-145900.jpg

This is my baby sister who plays Clara in The Nutcracker. Its amazing seeing her perform on stage. I actually wore the exact same dress as her a few years ago, so its a crazy blast from the past for me!

20140116-145920.jpg  20140116-145933.jpg

Ok my second look now. I’m wearing a Sandro top that I’ve showed you guys before from a couple of seasons ago with the most amazing back. Topshop black jeans and boots finished off the look. Make up was the same as before except I switched to MAC Tart and Trendy lipstick. Its a crazy colour but I love it!

20140116-145952.jpg 20140116-150006.jpg

So that’s all for tour until Sunday when we head back on the road again. Have two great locations coming up so I’m very excited. Not so excited about the thoughts of packing again though! Keep up to date by following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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