25 and Feeling Alive

So after dreading my birthday the way I do every year, it actually turned out to be one of my best birthdays in years! I woke up to some lovely presents from my family and lots of lovely cards. I can’t wait to show you the new dress from COS and the Bud to Rose necklace my parents got me. So perfect and summery. If there’s a lovely sunny day soon, I’ll wear them and show you guys. They also bought me a new suitcase for my travels, Touche Eclat (in the most amazing limited edition packaging) and lots of clothes. They’re the best!


Because my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, I was in work. However, my birthday also fell on the day that my office was going into Facebook HQ for meetings. Their offices are so amazing, but dangerous – there was food everywhere! After the meetings we went back to the office where my colleagues embarrassed me with an amazing cake and very loud chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’.


I spent the evening relaxing at home with my family, which was all I was able for after such a busy day of running around! I’ll be going out this weekend for drinks to celebrate I’m sure.

It was such a nice, calm day and I enjoyed every minute! Thank you to everyone who sent me some birthday love, it meant the world to me! I’ll post this weekend about my outfits for this week so keep a look out for that. Or you can check them out now on Instagram.

Have a great week!



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