COS Spring Summer 2015 Preview

I had the pleasure of being invited to the preview of the COS Spring Summer 2015 collection this week. It’s always so lovely to see what this brand is doing, and they always put on a beautiful preview. I started my day with the nicest breakfast of berries, seeds, edible petals and greek yoghurt and of course a coffee – they also had yummy treats for when you were leaving. Then it was time to check out the collection.

FullSizeRender-27 FullSizeRender-22

The inspiration for this part of the line was electricity. The bright, vibrant colours with metallics and key pieces in black looked gorgeous together. When I first saw the yellow-green colour all I could think about was the Spice Girls! I think these pieces will look great with a summer tan. The mustard colour is gorgeous and will work really well with white and grey to add a little colour to your wardrobe. The bonded edges mean that all the lines are very clean – which I love.

FullSizeRender-19FullSizeRender-26 FullSizeRender-25

A lot of the collection featured graphics either printed onto the clothing, or as sheer panels. I adore the blue tee and midi skirt below. It was a heavy knit cotton in the most gorgeous sky blue colour. The menswear collection also featured a lot of blue and the mustard as we saw above in the womenswear collection. I will say, the menswear is very fashion forward, it will take a man with some serious style to pull off some of the pieces. However, I can see a lot of women gravitating towards the menswear collection to add a more androgynous look to their wardrobe. There were plenty of menswear pieces that I would happily wear!

FullSizeRender-23FullSizeRender-24  FullSizeRender-17

Another source of inspiration for the COS collection was a laboratory. This can clearly be seen below in the clean white lines of the clothes. Lots of the pieces can be transformed, poppers to make a hemline longer for example, and many of the pieces have an unexpected element. I love the use of open backs, keyholes in unexpected places, blue pocket lining in an all white dress. It’s these details that make COS so exciting!

 FullSizeRender-21 FullSizeRender-20    FullSizeRender-16 FullSizeRender-15

Some of my favourite pieces were, of course, monochrome! I love the white trousers above, which had an almost rubber finish while still being incredibly soft. The white top and skirt combo above was also gorgeous and such a great look for summer. My favourite pieces however were both jackets. The first is a black blazer with one sleeve and a buckle detail. Maybe not the most practical piece – but I still love it! The other was a sleeveless duster jacket in black, although it looks grey in the picture.


All in all, I can’t wait for this collection to hit the shops. I went around holding lots of the pieces for a while, I think the staff thought I was going to run off with them! What do you think of the COS collection?



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