Angela and the Apple

You have probably heard by now that Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, is now to be the head of retail for Apple. Its a move that many critics are saying shows Apples desire to be a lifestyle brand as opposed to just a technology company. In a way, the writing was on the wall and the signs were there. The entire Burberry show in London last month was filmed on several mounted 5S iPhones. This showed off the phones capabilities at capturing a huge event in a large space with an awful lot going on.

This isn’t the only time Burberry have embraced technology however. Burberry’s 121 Regent Street store is a masterclass in ‘blurring the physical and digital worlds’. This video of the Regent Street store will show you exactly how pioneering Burberry are. They are a brand of the future and it must be incredibly exciting to be working in Burberry at the moment!

The footage below is incredibly interesting and shows Angela Ahrendts and her unwavering enthusiasm for technology. I think a lot of brands can learn from pioneering companies such as Burberry and Topshop, which I’ve discussed before. Its time that all brands looked to inject both their physical and digital worlds with some excitement.


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