It’s All Good

Do you ever just have an amazing week? Everything seems to be coming together and working in your favour and things just make sense. I just had one of those weeks. Lots of good news, seeing friends and family – life is good! It’s been really sunny here for the last while, I’m dreaming of summer time at this stage! It’s still quite cold so tights are still essentials, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to wear something other than jeans and skirts with tights! This first outfit was so comfortable. I love mixing denim and leather together. I just think they work so well. I broke things up a bit with my gold eagle necklace.


Penny’s Denim Jacket

Zara Sweater

Zara Leather Skirt with Zips

Topshop Boots

Topshop Eagle Necklace

Ok so I already did a post last week fangirling over my new sneakers, but I still had to include them in this post! I love wearing sneakers, so comfortable and perfect for days when you have to run around the place for meetings and errands.


Isabel Marant Tee

Zara Sweater

Topshop Jamie Jeans

Nike Roshe Palm Trees Sneakers

I was heading to the COS showroom last Thursday to see their new collection, it’s amazing fyi, and I wanted to wear something clean and fresh, just like COS. So I wore this COS shirt with this leather skirt. It’s actually dark green but that doesn’t really come across in the photo unfortunately. Such a lovely morning, I can’t wait for the collection to hit the shops.


COS Shirt

Zara Leather Skirt

Topshop Boots

I was going out on Saturday night for the first time in forever it seems! I got these leather trousers a while ago but haven’t had the chance to wear them yet so Saturday was the perfect opportunity. They’re dark brown, again, it doesn’t come across in the photo. I paired it with my Zara gold and black heels and a plain black top. Lots of gold bracelets and chains finished off the look.



Forever 21 Top

Zara Leather Trousers

Zara Heels

So it’s been a great week, lots of lovely surprises. I’m ready for another busy week this week, lots going on. Apologies if I fall off the radar for a little bit. I have college finals coming up so I need to study. I’ll do my best to keep posting as often as possible though!



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