– a strong desire to travel.

Oh yeah. I suffer from wanderlust so bad. One look at my Travelling Wish List board on Pinterest will let you know the extent of my problem. I am constantly in a state of planning a trip, being on a trip, or just returning from a trip. I hate not having a trip to look forward too, which is why I already have my next two Irish trips and three international trips booked and organised. And I’ve just returned from two trips in the last month – Manchester and New York.


Today I thought I would share with you some of the places that I am dying to visit. This list is by no means exhaustive, there’s so many places I want to go! But these are some of the places that are top of my list. My travelling wish list is never ending!

South Africa

I have actually tortured my friends over the last few months going on and on about how I want to go on a safari in South Africa. Seriously they’re sick of me. One of my managers recently went on her honeymoon and I think I asked her one hundred thousand questions while the poor woman was just trying to eat her dinner. For those of you that know me well, or have followed this blog for a while. you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Disney movies. The Lion King is one of my favourites, for obvious reasons, it’s amazing. If I ever get to go on safari, I’ll be that freak singing the Circle of Life in the back of the jeep.


I’m not even sure I need an explanation as to why I want to go to Bali. I mean surely the photos of the stunning beaches, tropical rainforests and incredible sunsets will do all the explaining for me? Right?


I think this is a country pretty high on everyone’s list to be honest. It’s so damn far away, 17,203km to be exact from Dublin to Sydney. But I still want to go! The combination of city, beach life, the outback, the culture, the sunshine… it’s all so appealing. I’m hoping to get to Australia in the next year. I think it’s time to bite the bullet, deal with the long ass journey and go.

New Zealand

And while I’m talking about that side of the world, New Zealand is way up there on my list. A friend of mine did a month long tour of New Zealand and said it was one of the best things she’s ever done. I mean if that isn’t a massive incentive to go I don’t know what is. I’m a bit of a dork, love the Lord of the Rings movies, and I can see why they filmed so much there, the scenery is stunning!


Back in school, I remember learning about the Incas and their Machu Picchu site and I’ve pretty much been determined to go ever since. My latest Peruvian obsession however, is the Rainbow Mountains. I’m not eloquent enough to describe them, so I ‘m just going to encourage you to Google them… Who wouldn’t want to go there?!

St Lucia

Back in school, we had a house system kind of like in Harry Potter, except it was really just to divide up the school on sports day and there was no magic involved. All of the houses were named after countries or places that the Sister’s of St.Joseph of Cluny had missionaries, I went to a pretty religious school fyi. So there were house like Ghana, Gambia, Tahiti and my house, St Lucia. Needless to say it was the most badass house of them all, but it also made me obsessed with that little island. It’s a life long mission of mine to go there!


It’s actually ridiculous that I live only a two hour thirty minute plane ride from Milan and I still haven’t been. What’s up with that? I would love to go to Italy, the land of fashion, pizza and pasta, and it’s definitely on the list to complete in the next year or so. I’ve actually worked out that you could do several cities in one trip just by getting trains around. Pasta and wine tour of Italy anyone?


It’s kind of an Irish rite of passage that when you go to college in Ireland, you go to Thailand at least one summer. Except for me. I’m one of those people that spent her summers working her ass off in summer camps or in retail. While it’s definitely helped with my work ethic, I really wish I had taken 6 weeks out one summer to travel around Thailand. The upside is that if I go now, I’ll be able to splash out a little more than I would have as a student, silver lining I guess.

Bora Bora

I clearly have a bit of an island obsession! Bora Bora is one of the most pinned places on Pinterest, I’m convinced of it. And who could blame anyone? The place literally looks like heaven. I’m not entirely convinced it’s real to be honest. I guess I’ll just have to go there to make sure!


Ok so time for a non tropical destination. Iceland has recently grown in popularity in Ireland thanks to cheap flights from WOW Air. Before there weren’t really many flights to Iceland that you would hear about, now I know plenty of people who have been and loved it. The hot springs, black beaches, geysers, glaciers, and of course the Northern Lights, mean that Iceland is a destination not to be missed.


Finally, one place that I am so intrigued by is India. I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw the Holi Festival on Snapchat and thought ‘Wow, I want to go there.’ It seems like such a bright place, filled with culture and tradition. Not to mention that Indian food is some of the most incredible food in the world. Can you tell how important food is to me when I travel?!

As I said before, this list is in no way exhaustive. Even now I can think of nine or ten more places that I want to write about. But I will save that for the inevitable future wanderlust post. If you’ve ever been to any of these places, or if you have any places that I must add to my endless list, comment below or send me a Snapchat! My username is okaybee1!




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  1. What a great list! I’ve been to Italy twice before (Milan and Tuscany), you MUST go, especially the Quadrilatero d’Oro in Milan – to say that you’d be in your element is an understatement!!!! 🙂



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  2. Looks like a round the world trip is in order! As an Australian, I can highly recommend this place, but make sure you come for a working holiday so you have the time to explore it properly! See my blog if you want any ideas – we have recently travelled the East coast in a camper van!

    Love the other spots you’ve described too! I can highly recommend Thailand and Italy. Anywhere in south east Asia is really close to Australia too!

    I also really want to go to Africa and India, oh and South America too! There are just far too many places to explore! But the good thing is, we have a whole life time ahead of us 🙂

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