The Fashion Class of 2013

Its been quite a year in fashion. Collaborations, designer shake ups, wearable fashion, and much more. Today I’m going to take you through some of my favourite fashion moments of 2013 before we ring in the New Year.

1. Alexander Wang for Balenciaga


Back in February of this year, Alexander Wang debuted his first collection for Balenciaga for the AW13/14 season. The collection was essentially making the avant-garde more everyday and critics were pleased, if not overwhelmed with excitement. Wang’s himself described the AW13/14 collection as a ‘prologue’ to his first steps at the house. Personally, I adored his second collection. The attention to detail was exquisite and I feel that Wang will only grow into this role more in the coming years.

2. Isabel Marant for H&M, Philip Lim for Target download

Everyone loves a high low collaboration and 2013 saw two fantastic pairings; Isabel Marant for H&M and Philip Lim for Target. Both collaborations received massive amounts of media coverage with fashion heavy weights and customers all clamouring for a piece. The pieces speak for themselves.

3. Fashion Shows on iPhones

The increasing use of smart phones means we are now more connected than ever to Fashion week. Instagram and Twitter mean that we see whats happening, when its happening. It was only a matter of time before smart phones were used to document shows more completely. Enter Burberry and the iPhone 5S. The entire SS14 show was filmed and streamed on several mounted iPhone 5S’. The result is just as beautiful as it would have been with regular filming equipment.

4. Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton

FILE - Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis Vuitton

After an incredibly successful time at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs finished his 16 year stint at the fashion house with his SS14 collection. All in black, the models paraded around an incredible setting including a carousel, a lift, escalators, a huge clock and a fountain, all of which featured in past shows. Marc Jacobs left to focus on his own label which will go to IPO within the next three years. Truly, the end of an era.

5. Chanel’s Rodeo

Chanel_083_2000_304x456 Chanel_061_2000_304x456

This was very recent having only happened about three weeks ago but its definitely a highlight of 2013 for me. I posted about Chanel doing Dallas when it happened so you can check out my favourite outfits in that post. Essentially it was Karl Lagerfeld doing what he does best, putting on a show. Perfection.

6. Models and Social Media

images Cara-delevingne-instagram

Fans can get closer to their favourite models, bloggers and fashion gurus than ever before thanks to Twitter and Instagram. Cara Delevingne has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram, Miranda Kerr has just under 3 million, and these numbers are only growing. These social media platforms mean that fashion fans can see behind the scenes, see the life of a model, sneak peeks of campaigns. It gives us unlimited access, which is all anyone wants nowadays!

7. Wearable Technology


This has been talked about a lot ever since Google Glasses appeared on the scene. However, style appears to have been pushed to the side a little bit with this new trend. It feels as though some companies are not thinking about the look of the technology at all. Some companies however, are making an effort with the look. I do love the Samsung Galaxy watch in the rose gold and white as seen on Chiara Ferragni, although it has had some mixed reviews. Another company called MEMI have created a gorgeous bangle which connects to your phone. The bangle will fit in with your outfits easily so that you are wearing the technology, the technology isn’t wearing you.

So these are some of my favourite highlights from the year in fashion. What are some of your highlights?

Have a Happy New Year everyone! Bring on 2014!

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Photo Credit: NY Mag, Harper’s Bazaar, E Online, New York Post,, Jourdan Dunn Instagram, Cara Delevingne Instagram, The Blonde Salad

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